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    Weird Sex Acts

    Hey there, Kinky Fuckers! As you probably know, there are shitloads of weird sex acts out there. Have you ever wondered what some of these weird sex terms mean? As for example, what the blooming heck is a “Rusty Trombone” or a “Dirty Sanchez”. You’ve probably heard the terms flying around a bajillion of times, […] More

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    Why are western people so obsessed with Buddhism?

    Why are western people so obsessed with Buddhism? I’ll start by explaining that this article has nothing against Buddhism. This is not an anti-Buddhist rant, it is a rant about western obsession and deep misunderstanding of the religion. Yes it is a religion (more on that later). And as for my own standpoint? I personally […] More

  • donald trump

    Thank You Trump!

    President-elect (kinda) Joe Biden has warned that people may die if the transition does not move at a quicker pace. We think he is talking about coronavirus, but he could also be talking about Civil War 2.0, And for all the hilarity we say Thank You Trump! Donald Trump hasn’t conceded Remember when the US […] More

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    Who were the other Maradonas?

    Who was Hugo Maradona? Hugo Maradona was a relatively successfully football player and also the brother of Diego Maradona. Arguably the greatest footballer of all time. To say he has lived in the shadows would be quite the understatement. Footballing families I remember collecting football cards in the early 90s much like other kids of […] More

  • Coronavirus Vaccine by pfizer

    Don’t get too excited about the Coronavirus Vaccine

    Pfizer famous inventors of what my friend used to describe as “magical weiner medicine” much to the delight of his girlfriend, may now have done something even more important than create a recreational drug for better sex. If what they are saying is true the company have produced a coronavirus vaccine that is 90% effective, […] More

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    Billy Batman

    The British Cemetery Located in the centre of Kabul, is a small oasis in the middle of chaos. The graves of local ex-pats, foreign tourists, missionaries, and the like all sit in rows, while monuments to fallen foreign soldiers, from the Anglo-Afghan wars to the current NATO/ISAF mission in Afghanistan, line the perimeter of the […] More

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