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    3 Weirdest Abandoned Communist Monuments In Europe

    If you’re an avid urban exploration enthusiast, then you’re in for a treat! If you didn’t know, a lot of European countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, and former Czechoslovakia were under communist rule or partially ruled by communist parties. Most of the monuments during this era were destroyed but there are still remnants of […] More

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    Solomon Islands to ban Facebook

    The Solomon Islands are to ban Facebook, once upon a time this might have been viewed as front to freedom of speech, but the tide is turning on how the world view Mark Zuckerberg and his evil empire. The Solomon Islands doesn’t get into the news that much. There have been ethnic clashes in the […] More

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    Why are Digital Nomads such Assholes?

    What is a digital nomad? Technically a digital nomad is a person that works online and travels. The difference though, between “someone who works online and travels” and a “digital nomad” is the degree of pretentiousness and hipster-like they tend to be. Basically the less of a twat you are, the less of a digital […] More

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    The history of Cambodian Railways

    Colonialism is usually seen in the negative light it deserves, but nothing is ever black and white and in certain areas colonialism has left some positive impacts, from food to dare we say, railways! So what’s so special about Cambodian railways? To read about Vietnamese fusion cuisine click here. Cambodia was thus, much like Vietnam […] More

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    Left-Wing, Right-Wing: Who wants a purge? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC as she is affectionately called by ultra-left members of the so-called American Democratic Party, has revealed herself to be either the biggest airhead in the entire party or simply an aspiring dictator herself. The architect of the proposed Green New Deal, which President-elect Joe Biden […] More

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    What has happened for Kurdish people as a result of the Syrian Civil War?

    Syrian Civil War Background The Kurdish people have suffered much under the various political states that have governed them. The Kurds are a unique ethnic group inhabiting ‘Kurdistan’, a region that spans Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Various attempts to incorporate or remove them from societiesover the centuries has given them a unique identity within the Middle East.  The history […] More

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    No, America isn’t very democratic

    Following the “victory” of Joe Biden to become 46th President of the United States of America, we can now expect the American “left” to be feeling very smug about themselves. Trumpism, which has been largely equated with racism, has been defeated and “democracy” has been shown to work. The same democracy that the US has […] More

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    Election Results in – America lost

    And the results are in, America lost and it lost big. With the final tallies now being counted it appears that Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States and that the Donald Trump experiment is now over. The current aftermath is that there will be legal challenges from team Trump, which […] More

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