• Wife of Putin


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    Women of the Kremlin

    They say that behind every great man is a great woman, but surely this phrase also counts when the guy is not so much a great man too. In the west we are used to our leaders wearing women on there arms like a fashion accessory, but in Russia, this is much less the case. […] More

  • Rogers Rangers
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    Rogers’ Rangers

    In the US military and the Canadian Army, units named Rangers are a prominent feature. The Canadians have the Queen’s York Rangers and the US has their elite rangers special forces unit. What do both of these units have in common? They both claim to descend from Rogers’ Rangers, a highly trained militia from the […] More

  • Yugoslav turbo folk


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    The Most Terrifying Music On Planet: Yugoslav War Turbo-Folk

    It’s safe to say that by 1989, things were not going well in Yugoslavia. Tito had died in 1980 and, following his death, ethnic division was rife throughout the Socialist Federal Republic. Slobodan Milošević sought to increase Serbian influence over the six republics. Civil unrest broke out in Kosovo and the Serbian resistance to the […] More

  • Wakaliwood films
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    Wakaliwood – The Slum Filmmakers

    When you get woken up in the middle of the night by a film maker friend saying you MUST watch this, you wake up and you watch it. This was how I was introduced to Wakaliwood, the slum filmmakers from Uganda. Absolutely everyone has heard of Hollywood, most would known Bollywood and for those slightly […] More

  • Trending Hot

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    Tatiana Zappardino Nude

    For some reason, ‘Tatiana Zappardino nude’ has been one of the top trending searchterms of 2020. But who is Tatiana Zappardino? And why the obsession with seeingTatiana Zappardino naked? Weird World Wire headed deep into investigation. Who is Tatiana Zappardino? Tatiana Zappardino is an actress, writer and director. She has been in movies such as […] More

  • Hot

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    How to Claim Bir Tawil

    How to claim Bir Tawil Did you ever hear the tail of Bir Tawil? A place a dessert hellhole so wretched no country wants it? Weird World Wire decided to visit. Her’e our take on visiting Bir Tawil! What’s the story with Bir Tawil? So there is a big chunk of land between Sudan and […] More

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