• cambodia travel app

    Essential Cambodian travel apps

    The world might be shitting its pants over Omicron, but not us! The world is opening, and we want to travel again. Turns out Cambodia is open, so we’ve put together the essential Cambodian travel apps and websites for the discerning traveler! You can read our descendants of despots article here – yes it includes […] More

  • strangest sexual fetishes

    What Are the 6 Weirdest Sex Games to Play?

    Looking for the weirdest sex games to play? There are so many Sex Games on the market. And having to choose between 100 versions of Truth and Dare and another 100 Board Games, it can be hard to find the right Sex Game for you. Especially when in the end, they are all pretty much […] More

  • in

    Reasons Why Togel Singapore Is a Sensational Lottery Market of Indonesia

    In the past few years, Poker has gained much popularity, especially online Poker games. Some people used to play Poker as their extra income, but it is a bit risky too. But on the other hand, Togel is a lottery game that has been in the most popular game category for quite some time Togel […] More

  • Joe Biden

    Joe Biden accused of racism for making factually correct statement

    Joe Biden accused of racism in proof that America really cannot get much more ridiculous. We truly do live in s strange polarized era, the world was seemingly falling apart due to the fascism of the Trump era and America needed a woke hero. Step up an elderly privileged white dotard to the rescue. Joe […] More

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