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    Manwhores found not guilty in wrong address BDSM fiasco

    The current COVID-19 pandemic is hitting some people financially much harderthan others, as can be witnessed from the following fiasco with these unlucky manwhores. Last week a judge in New South Wales Australia cleared Terrance Leroy of chargesstemming from an incident that happened last July. Terrance and an accomplice were recruited on Facebook to break […] More

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    Stalin’s Gun-Dagger

    Before we get to Stalin’s gun-dagger, you ever play Final Fantasy? Me neither, but anyone else I talk to about this thing brings it up. Apparently a big thing in that is ‘gunblades’, a big fuck-off sword that also happens to have a trigger on the handle, letting you shoot with it. It works with […] More

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    5 US Presidents who were woke for their time

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that us guys at Weird World Wire are not all that “woke,” but you’d actually be quite mistaken. By the very definition of the word, we are the wokest of the woke. Here is the definition of woke: “alert to injustice in society, especially racism.” We abhor injustice in society, […] More

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    Who Is Adrian Zenz?

    If you’ve ever watched “Charlie Wilsons War” then you will know two things, one the film is shit, and two Christian Fundamentalists make extremely weird bedfellows with Islamic Extremists. The reason? The one thing right-wing Christians fear and hate more than people believing in a different god to them is communism. I’ll hark back to […] More

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    National Short Day

    In the old days, all we had to remember was Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and the birthdays of close family. Then at some point the bastards at the card making companies got together and decided they needed to sell more cards. Since then it has been a nuclear holocaust of “special days.” If parents get […] More

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    Angelo Hayes Buried Alive

    There are many weird irrational phobias out there from clowns (coulrophobia) to fears of birds (ornithophobia). One phobia that is not all the entirely irrational is a fear of being buried alive (taphophobia). What makes taphophobia not all that unreasonable is that a lot of people have been accidentally buried alive over the years. Taphophobia […] More

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    Britain Begs 3 Million Hong Kongers to Relocate

    Ever wanting to look like the “big kids on campus,” Boris Johnson and his British Empire nostalgia-driven government have offered 3 million Hong Kong nationals the right to move to England. Hurrah! Only 23 years after we gave up the colony. British National (Overseas) Passport In actual fact, what the UK has done is offer […] More

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