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  • Hostory of Mass Games
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    The History of the Mass Games

    The History of the Mass games For the longest time people assumed that ‘Arirang’ and ‘Mass Games’ were one and the same, but in fact the mass gymnastics and art performances known as Mass Games in North Korea have occurred since as early as 1946, with all of them having their own themes and influences. […] More

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    Half president, half cult victim: Why Korea impeached Park Geun-Hye

    Impeach!Impeach! Korea 2016 From a western journalist’s standpoint, the impeachment of Park Geun-hye in 2016 was a triumph for South Korea’s democracy–which it was– but there’s a catch: many don’t understand the intensity of the situation through a Korean cultural lens. Why was Park Geun-Hye so controversial to the Korean people? I’ll abbreviate her name […] More

  • Anti-vaxxers
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    anti-vaxxers are coming…….

    Anti-vaxxers are coming and you can expect them to be as rude obnoxious and ignorant as ever. There’s a great phrase known as “first-world problems” usually meaning things like Waitrose doesn’t have any avocados left for example. These are as opposed to third-world problems, such as not having clean water to drink and shit like, […] More

  • Adolph Hitler wins election


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    Adolph Hitler Wins Election in Namibia

    Adolph Hitler Wins Election in Namibia! Yeah I know what you are thinking, that’s IMPOSSIBLE! Everyone knows that Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party fled to the moon after World War 2 right? And you would be correct to think this. In fact the Namibian Adolph Hitler isn’t the real Hitler, he was merely named […] More

  • Japanese good luck flag
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    The Last WW2 Japanese Holdouts

    As you may know, World War 2 was a pretty massive and chaotic war. So chaotic in fact, that particularly in the Pacific theater in the war with Japan, the details of when it ended for many of those involved are quite sketchy. When so much warfare is being fought guerrilla style in sparsely populated […] More

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    Father sells his son after losing job due to COVID-19

    A father in China has allegedly sold his newborn son for 163,000RMB ($24,900), including a gold necklace and a gold bracelet to a stranger he met online after losing his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The father who already had two sons, aged seven and two, is reported to have faced financial issues because […] More

  • kibbutz
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    What is a kibbutz?

    What is a kibbutz? A short answer would be a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based around agriculture. Nowadays they have since expanded into other areas. It was famously extremely popular as working holiday. But, of course it was much more than this. Israel and the Kibbutz Few people realize, but in the […] More

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