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    The almost parties of the US election

    If you’ve been following the US election at all, we will excuse you if you are a little confused. Both sides are claiming victory, no one really understands how the system works, and it is a bit a shit show. The Electoral College Instead of just voting for a President like a normal country the […] More

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    What’s It Like in Donald Trump’s Presidential Bunker

    We’ve all wondered right? What is it like in the Presidential Bunker? Earlier this year as Black Lives Matter protests swept across America, the resultant riots inched uncomfortably close to the White House, President Donald J. Trump was rushed into the White House Bunker by Secret Service agents where he remained for around an hour […] More

  • Rogers Rangers
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    Rogers’ Rangers

    In the US military and the Canadian Army, units named Rangers are a prominent feature. The Canadians have the Queen’s York Rangers and the US has their elite rangers special forces unit. What do both of these units have in common? They both claim to descend from Rogers’ Rangers, a highly trained militia from the […] More

  • Uncle Sam
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    Why Is Uncle Sam Called Uncle Sam?

    America recently celebrated its Independence Day this year in the middle of a pandemic as well as heightened racial tension. July 4 celebrations were largely subdued (unless you count President Trump’s recreation of Triumph of the Will at Mt. Rushmore), with a vocal minority calling for a proclaiming: “That flag is a lie!” Absent were […] More

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    5 US Presidents who were woke for their time

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that us guys at Weird World Wire are not all that “woke,” but you’d actually be quite mistaken. By the very definition of the word, we are the wokest of the woke. Here is the definition of woke: “alert to injustice in society, especially racism.” We abhor injustice in society, […] More

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    Fidel Castro’s Ice Cream Parlor

    Cuba is a tropical country. When you think of it, you think of sun, sandy beaches, palm trees and plenty of scantily clad people. Oh, and communism. You also probably think about the fact that Cuba is one of the only remaining Marxist-Leninist states that happens to be right under America’s nose and which was […] More

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