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  • Hostory of Mass Games
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    The History of the Mass Games

    The History of the Mass games For the longest time people assumed that ‘Arirang’ and ‘Mass Games’ were one and the same, but in fact the mass gymnastics and art performances known as Mass Games in North Korea have occurred since as early as 1946, with all of them having their own themes and influences. […] More

  • Anti-vaxxers
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    anti-vaxxers are coming…….

    Anti-vaxxers are coming and you can expect them to be as rude obnoxious and ignorant as ever. There’s a great phrase known as “first-world problems” usually meaning things like Waitrose doesn’t have any avocados left for example. These are as opposed to third-world problems, such as not having clean water to drink and shit like, […] More

  • diego maradona
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    Maradona Wasn’t Perfect, But He Was A Working Class Hero

    No sane person would suggest that Maradona was some kind of angel. His history with substance abuse is well known, at times he flaunted his wealth and he had illegitimate children. But make no mistake, through his later repentance he was a genuine working class hero. Humble beginnings of Maradona Diego Armando Maradona was born […] More

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    Irish cockneys and American cinema

    Introduction Having limited channels on cable, I was thrown into FOX “action movies”. The treat that befell me was one of the many, many poor American cinema adaptations of Robin Hood. As the bad guy started to do his usual crap speech about taxes, the “working class” people of Nottingham began to speak up about […] More

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    In a Locked-Down World, Haiti Remains Open for Tourists

    Part 2 By Dean Karalekas For lunch, we rode back to Jalousie, one of Haiti’s largest slums, whose people live lives of privation and dignity in the face of unimaginable hardship. This Port-au-Prince neighbourhood is easily recognizable even to people who have never been here: it is the pastel-painted favela—at least, when viewed from the […] More

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    The almost parties of the US election

    Democrats, Republicans? OK, but what about the almost parties of the US Election? If you’ve been following the US election at all, we will excuse you if you are a little confused. Both sides are claiming victory, no one really understands how the system works, and it is a bit a shit show. The Electoral […] More

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