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    3 Weirdest Abandoned Communist Monuments In Europe

    If you’re an avid urban exploration enthusiast, then you’re in for a treat! If you didn’t know, a lot of European countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, and former Czechoslovakia were under communist rule or partially ruled by communist parties. Most of the monuments during this era were destroyed but there are still remnants of […] More

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    The history of Cambodian Railways

    Colonialism is usually seen in the negative light it deserves, but nothing is ever black and white and in certain areas colonialism has left some positive impacts, from food to dare we say, railways! So what’s so special about Cambodian railways? To read about Vietnamese fusion cuisine click here. Cambodia was thus, much like Vietnam […] More

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    Irish cockneys and American cinema

    Introduction Having limited channels on cable, I was thrown into FOX “action movies”. The treat that befell me was one of the many, many poor American cinema adaptations of Robin Hood. As the bad guy started to do his usual crap speech about taxes, the “working class” people of Nottingham began to speak up about […] More

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    All about Neutral Moresnet

    Neutral …what? What was the only country in the world to have Esperanto as the national language? Neutral Moresnet. Now that the pub trivia is out of the way, let’s get down and dirty with one of the most pointless countries ever to grace God’s green earth. Ever heard of Neutral Moresnet? Probably not, but […] More

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    5 Left-wing Groups that Were Actually Dangerous

    Not all left-wing groups are the same.. Well hasn’t the 2020 US Election been fun? There are so many angles one could take on just how messed up the whole affair has been, but although Biden might have “won”, rest assured America has lost big. Does America really have a presence of militant left wing […] More

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    The almost parties of the US election

    If you’ve been following the US election at all, we will excuse you if you are a little confused. Both sides are claiming victory, no one really understands how the system works, and it is a bit a shit show. The Electoral College Instead of just voting for a President like a normal country the […] More

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    What’s It Like in Donald Trump’s Presidential Bunker

    We’ve all wondered right? What is it like in the Presidential Bunker? Earlier this year as Black Lives Matter protests swept across America, the resultant riots inched uncomfortably close to the White House, President Donald J. Trump was rushed into the White House Bunker by Secret Service agents where he remained for around an hour […] More

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