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    The 7 most dangerous places to travel to

    What are the most dangerous places on earth you can travel to? At Weird World Wire we pride ourselves on our adventurous streak, but there are some places even we fear to tread. Coronavirus has meant most of us are hankering to go anywhere, literally anywhere, but there are some places really best avoided even […] More

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    The t-shirt opportunity of a lifetime!

    OK, so that might be a little bit of clickbait, I mean we are talking t-shirts after all, but in the humble opinion of us at Weird World Wire, we think the t-shirts are pretty cool. Our friends have created the website – you get it, CCCP is like the USSR in Russian script, […] More

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    51 years ago today – the Football War

    51 years ago today the football war, not to be confused with the soccer war kicked off (sorry) between Honduras and El Salvador. This event has since gone into folklore about Central Americans being so into football that they were prepared to war over it, but how accurate is that? Did two countries go to […] More

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    Father and son treat their sex dolls as family

    A 58-year-old Chinese father and his 18-year-old teenage son in China’s southern Guizhou province have seven silicone sex dolls and are big fans of the “beautiful female figures”. The father has encouraged his son to use the the dolls “to satisfy his biological needs” and treat them like family. The father, Mr Chen, who used […] More

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    Hitlers Unpublished Second Book

    With the Bible being the best-selling book in the world it has always perplexed me that god in his infinite wisdom didn’t get round to writing a sequel. The same could be said for Hitler and Mein Kampf, obviously I’m not comparing Adolph with god, but his book is one of the most read in […] More

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