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    Dracula the Socialist

    When you think of Dracula, there are a few things that probably come to mind. A man with a hypnotic gaze. Slicked back black hair. A thick European accent that seems to beckon one towards them. What you are thinking of is the performance of the late, great Béla Lugosi, the quintessential face of Dracula […] More

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    The Guns of Communist Romania

    Romania is a large country situated in the Balkan region of Europe. Famous for blood-sucking people both in centuries past and today, as well as a hell of a lot of friendly gypsies. At Weird World Wire, we’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to travel to Romania many times and each time […] More

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    Medieval Dog Breeds

    When we think back on medieval times, we’re often reminded of plague, gruesome warfare, a shit load of incest, and the soft, soothing tones of Sean Bean’s voice. Today, we’re going to look into an often overlooked aspect of medieval life: the dogs. Unlike the cute variety that are now the staple of mind-numbing generic […] More

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    The Last German Surrender

    The war against fascism ended in Europe at 2:41 am on May 7th, 1945, as everyone knows, with the official surrender of German Armed Forces High Command Chief-of-Staff, General Alfred Jodl on behalf of the combined Nazi forces in Europe. For this reason, spontaneous celebration erupted throughout Europe as soon as news broke with many […] More

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    Russian Priests Bless an SUV

    Last summer, some of the Weird World Wire team were hanging out with Young Pioneer Tours around Eastern Europe. YPT is a company specializing in off the beaten track budget adventures to ‘places your mother would rather you stayed away from’. We soon found ourselves in Moldova, otherwise known as Europe’s poorest and least visited […] More

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