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    Who is Kim Pyong Il?

    Introduction Kim Pyong Il is the last surviving son of North Korean founder and President Kim Il Sung and half brother of late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. Despite coming from such a powerful background, Kim Pyong Il spent most of his adult life, and political career posted abroad, away from the Pyongyang power […] More

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    Psychedelic Socialism: LSD in Czechoslovakia

    Before we get to psychedelic socialism, some context. The 1960s were a turbulent and exciting time in pop-culture, most notably in the western world. The counter-culture movement was tearing up the worlds of music, fashion and ideology only to rebuild them again in another image. For a bright moment in this, the psychedelic movement gripped […] More

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    How to get out of Europe during COVID

    The 2020 COVID pandemic has caused most countries around the world to close off their frontiers to tourists. Typically allowing only residents and freight can come in and out. An exception to this is most of Europe, where close integration means that it was simply not feasible to keep the borders closed. Europeans wanting to […] More

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    The Romanov Empire

    We here at WWW make no secret of our interest in the post-Soviet world. For the better part of a century, the legacy of the October Bolshevik revolution loomed large over vast swathes of the world, with its influence felt globally and even continuing to this very day. What’s less talked about is what came […] More

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    Visiting a Roma Gypsy Market in Bulgaria

    The Balkan country of Bulgaria has no shortage of weird and wonderful things to do. From Communist UFO in Buzludzah to Black Sea party cities like Sunny Beach. When I was told about the Roma Gypsy flea market that takes place in the small town of Surorovo just outside of Varna every Saturday, I was […] More

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    Culinary Masochism of Vikings and Koreans: An Unlikely Dynamic Duo

    I admit, I went a bit far with the title in terms of comparing two very different cultures. But you know what? Sometimes people from opposite parts of the world can have common traditions without knowing it. As a result of my dizzying travels around the world, I’ve learned that both groups have at least one […] More

  • Benito Mussolini
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    Revisiting Pasolini’s Salò on Mussolini’s Birthday

    Born on July 29, 1883, Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini, referred to affectionately by his supporters as Il Duce (“The Leader”), was the first of a series of modern dictators to rise in Europe, serving as the Prime Minister of Italy from 1922-1943. Under Mussolini, Italy became part of the Axis, fronted by Nazi Germany and […] More

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