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  • cambodia travel app

    Essential Cambodian travel apps

    The world might be shitting its pants over Omicron, but not us! The world is opening, and we want to travel again. Turns out Cambodia is open, so we’ve put together the essential Cambodian travel apps and websites for the discerning traveler! You can read our descendants of despots article here – yes it includes […] More

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    Half president, half cult victim: Why Korea impeached Park Geun-Hye

    Impeach!Impeach! Korea 2016 From a western journalist’s standpoint, the impeachment of Park Geun-hye in 2016 was a triumph for South Korea’s democracy–which it was– but there’s a catch: many don’t understand the intensity of the situation through a Korean cultural lens. Why was Park Geun-Hye so controversial to the Korean people? I’ll abbreviate her name […] More

  • Anti-vaxxers
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    anti-vaxxers are coming…….

    Anti-vaxxers are coming and you can expect them to be as rude obnoxious and ignorant as ever. There’s a great phrase known as “first-world problems” usually meaning things like Waitrose doesn’t have any avocados left for example. These are as opposed to third-world problems, such as not having clean water to drink and shit like, […] More

  • kibbutz
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    What is a kibbutz?

    What is a kibbutz? A short answer would be a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based around agriculture. Nowadays they have since expanded into other areas. It was famously extremely popular as working holiday. But, of course it was much more than this. Israel and the Kibbutz Few people realize, but in the […] More

  • cambodian railways
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    The history of Cambodian Railways

    Colonialism is usually seen in the negative light it deserves, but nothing is ever black and white and in certain areas colonialism has left some positive impacts, from food to dare we say, railways! So what’s so special about Cambodian railways? To read about Vietnamese fusion cuisine click here. Cambodia was thus, much like Vietnam […] More

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