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    Rason, the other North Korea

    Whenever you are in traveler, country collector, or worse still digital gonad company you will inevitably get into he dick shining competition that is “how many countries”, or “which countries” have you been to. This will invariable at some point get you onto the question of North Korea, which many deem to be a bit […] More

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    Who is Kim Pyong Il?

    Introduction Kim Pyong Il is the last surviving son of North Korean founder and President Kim Il Sung and half brother of late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. Despite coming from such a powerful background, Kim Pyong Il spent most of his adult life, and political career posted abroad, away from the Pyongyang power […] More

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    Communist states in Korea

    September 9th 1948 is the official date of the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, more commonly called North Korea. Before its official formation communist groups such as the Down-With-Imperialism-Union had been waging a struggle against imperialist forces in order to facilitate revolution. When the Japanese were eventually to surrender in Korea it […] More

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    The Story of the Mount Kumgang Tourist Zone

    Introduction The stunning Mount Kumgang area, located on the east coast of the Korean peninsula and a stone’s throw away from South Korea, has long been renowned for its beauty featuring stunning mountain ranges and gorgeous coastlines. Home to the Mount Kumgang Resort, this region of the Korean peninsula was at one time a shining […] More

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    The Time America and North Korea Joined Forces

    Introduction When you think of significant moments of North Korea and United States relations images that probably flash to your mind are images from the horrific Korean War, President George Bush declaring the country as a member of the “Axis of Evil” or perhaps more recent feel-good moments such as the summits between Chairman Kim […] More

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    The Constitution of Democratic Kampuchea

    Being based in Cambodia has led us to learn a lot about the carnage that occurred during the rule of the Khmer Rouge. This era gets explained in many different ways, but it can be summarized by the what they renamed the country, Democratic Kampuchea. Democratic Kampuchea despite emptying the whole population into the countryside […] More

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    Studying Korean in North Koreas Least Visited Province

    Introduction While Young Pioneer Tours is known for our annual Pyongyang Language Study Tour that takes place annually every July, our other shorter and lesser-known Korean language study program was our “North Korean Rural Study Tour.” Back in July 2018, we ran our very first-ever North Korean “Rural Study Tour” to the very remote North […] More

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