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    Woman brings 23 relatives to her blind date with a $3000 bill

    A single woman in China has seen her blind date gone horribly wrong after bringing along dozens of her relatives to the romantic occasion to test her companion’s generosity, according to local Chinese reports. Without telling her date in advance, the Chinese woman allegedly showed up with 23 family members and turned their romantic candle-light […] More

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    The Good, The Bad and the Bitchy – Micronations

    What is a micronation? A miconation is a virtual country, new country project, role-playing self-declared states and a whole heap of stuff in-between. It is also a community so bitchy it would put supermodels to shame! They are not to be confused with microstates, which are small actual countries. Me and micronations In was in […] More

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    7 of the worst islands in the world

    Cuba, Palawan, Aruba, Coffee Caye, Koh Rong. All lovey places that put thoughts of coconuts and cocktails on pristine beaches into our minds. Maybe you just live in a Beijing Tokyo style Metropilis and dream of the serenity of an island? Well much like people not all islands are created equally. Weird World Wire went […] More

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    What counts as visiting a country?

    If you find yourself in the company of travelers the conversation will at some point always end up at how many countries you have been to. This throws up the conversation of  “what counts as a country” and what counts as “visited”. With the former you have the UN club, who think visiting French Polynesia […] More

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    Rason, the other North Korea

    Whenever you are in traveler, country collector, or worse still digital gonad company you will inevitably get into he dick shining competition that is “how many countries”, or “which countries” have you been to. This will invariable at some point get you onto the question of North Korea, which many deem to be a bit […] More

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    Depressed passenger denied boarding on Chinese flight

    On Wednesday 14th of October, a Weibo user on the famous Chinese microblogging platform shared his dispute with Shanghai-based Spring Airlines, which denied boarding his girlfriend on the basis of a side effect from taking antidepressants. According to the boyfriend, who goes by his last name Yu in interviews, the incident happened on Tuesday the […] More

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