• Pakistan airline
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    Third of Pilots in Pakistan Unqualified

    With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, travel has taken repeated kicks to the nuts. Airlines have shut down, others have had mass layoffs and still more have closed several flight-paths until such a time as they can afford to use them again. So perhaps it’s a breath of fresh air that this time, we’re seeing a […] More

  • Scotland's worst beer garden
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    Scotland’s Post-Apocalyptic Beer Garden

    It’s no secret that Britain can be a depressing place. But Scotland, which is a part of Britain now and always, can take the piss with a depressing atmosphere. That’s apparently the main reason the Romans put up Hadrian’s Wall. In Motherwell, Scottish people have been firmly reinforcing this stereotype after making a socially distanced […] More

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    Is weed legal in North Korea?

    Is weed legal in North Korea? Weird World Wire put on our North Korea business consultancy hat and went to explore. One might argue that there are bigger issues currently doing the rounds when it comes to North Korea, such as if it has coronavirus, the blowing up of joint-liaison office and of course etc […] More

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    Manwhores found not guilty in wrong address BDSM fiasco

    The current COVID-19 pandemic is hitting some people financially much harderthan others, as can be witnessed from the following fiasco with these unlucky manwhores. Last week a judge in New South Wales Australia cleared Terrance Leroy of chargesstemming from an incident that happened last July. Terrance and an accomplice were recruited on Facebook to break […] More

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