• Weird Independence Movements
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    7 Weird Independence movements

    Weird independence movements! We do like a lot of weird things at Weird World Wire, well you know its in the name an all, but we particularly love weird stuff related to countries, be they imaginary, existing, or better still wannabe. Independence movements are nothing new, we all got to see the Catalans cry, and […] More

  • Will Jersey Go to War With France?
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    Will Jersey Go to War With France? 8 Things You Need to Know

    Will Jersey go to war with France? Could this post-Brexit spat turn into World War3? Well, for now at least we can sleep tightly in our beds as the foreign minister ofJersey stated, “we are absolutely not going to war with France”. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t this just clickbait? And more importantly, why […] More

  • 11 Weird Wars That Are Downright Ridiculous
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    11 Weird Wars in History That Will Shock You

    As the Edwin Starr song goes: ”War, what is it good for?” Apparently, a bloody good article on Weird Wars. Unless you’re a hardcore Christian, human history can be traced back 3,400 years. Out of that period, we’ve only ever known true peace for 8% of it. Humans truly are an apocalyptic race. Throughout history, […] More

  • A Depressing Guide to Isle of Wight Dogging
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    A Depressing Guide to Isle of Wight Dogging

    If you’ve never visited the United Kingdom, you’ll be forgiven for not knowing much about the Isle of Wight. Situated in the English channel, it’s the largest island in England. Some call it ”a godforsaken rock” and that’s coming from the good people who live there. In today’s article, we’re going to focus on Isle […] More

  • strangest sexual fetishes
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    Top 12 weird sexual fetishes

    What are the top 12 weird sexual fetishes? Now, let’s talk about fetishes. Did you know that there are a lot of strange sexual fetishes out there⁉️ Are you interested in finding out more about different fetishes❓Of course you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now. I’m so psyched to share this with you! […] More

  • Dommes
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    Don’t paint all Dommes with the same brush

    Lets talk dommes. Up to now I have visited 4 Dommes and they couldn’t be more different from one another. Furthermore, I don’t paint them all with the same brush, please allow me to explain.  How to approach a Domme? I strongly advise before reaching out to a Domme you should go through their website […] More

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