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    Coffin Dancers

    Unless you have been stuck under a rock for the last two months, you will no doubt have noticed the latest and dare we say the greatest meme since the fat kid singing “maaayyya heeeeeeeeee” many years ago. But, what is the story of the coffin dance and those crazy Ghanaian pallbearers? At Weird World […] More

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    No Hippies at Angkor Wat in Pictures

    Generally speaking, most people would agree that the ongoing coronavirus has been “a bit shit,” what with the collapse of the economy, global pandemic, social distancing and stuff. But we have to take joy where we can, and Angkor Wat is not only empty but completely devoid of hippies. Angkor Wat is the biggest religious […] More

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    How to Lose Weight in Asia

    With many of us on lockdown in Asia it would be extremely easy to become a fat bastard, so we’ve therefore decided to give our advice on how to lose weight in Asia. Now we realize that Asia is a bloody big place, like huge, practically massive, so therefore our interpretation of Asia is more […] More

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    Top Ten Selling Liquor Brands in the World

    At Weird World Wire, we suggest drinking responsibly, just kidding we don’t care. We have though compiled a list of the top ten selling brands of liquor in the world. The research was hard and gruelling, and follows on from our “research” into the world’s best-selling beer. Strap in and get ready to be very […] More

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