5 Weird Communist Trends to Follow

Few would argue that communism was invented by Marx, improved by Lenin, solidified by Stalin, and perfected by Enver Hoxha, but believe it, or not there are others out there, such as Trots and reformists who do not know this. Here’s our five weird communist trends, plus bonus round of factual one.

Trotskist Internationals

Leon Trotsky was a traitor to the Soviet Union, who eventually had to be killed in Mexico with ice-pick. He wrongly believed that socialism could not be done in one country, and denied the will of Comrade Stalin. This would never end well.

Trots love to fight between themselves, so there are literally tons of Trotsky Internationals. We’ve picked the Committee for a Workers International (refounded) as the most boring, pointless and thus most representative of Trotskyism.

Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia

These ones get respect for not being a bunch of pansies sitting about doing nothing. Maoism represented great leap forward for socialism, so much so that the great Enver Hoxha supported it. Unfortunately, capitalism has been restored in China. Luckily these cats are holding Maoist flag high, some such as the Naxalites, and New Peoples Army (NPA) are actually fighting for revolution.

See their link by clicking here.

International Union of Anarchists

Anarchism is a very strange belief whereby everyone does whatever the hell they like without leadership. Anarch-communism is the belief that everyone decides to just be communist. Silly because everyone knows you need strong central leadership.

Read their drivel here.

Socialist International

Silliest out of all the groups, and indeed one that vexed dearly departed, Enver Hoxha. They believe in Democratic Socialism and are frequented by not only former Communist Parties but also the biggest threat to human civilization since Hitler, Social Democrats.

For some reason, they are also the biggest in the world. Here is the official website.

Fifth International

This one is funny because it does not exist. There were four official internationals, namely first, second, third, and fourth. Many people want to start a fifth international and invoke world Revolution. Unfortunately, people are too busy eating McDonald’s and playing Nintendo Wii.


International Conference of Marxist–Leninist Parties and Organizations (Unity & Struggle)

This imaginatively titled group are the only true heirs to socialism, as they are not only Anti-Revisionist but much more importantly follow teachings of Enver Hoxha and Party of Albanian Labour.

The diverse group has members from 25 nations, including powerhouses of Denmark, and even Benin. If you are hungry for World Revolution Hoxha Style, follow this link.

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