5 Worst Ideologies in the World

What are the Worst Ideologies in the World?

When it comes to ideologies of the world there is a lot of  crap out there, much of it governing countries as we speak!

In the interests of not being too controversial we have decided to avoid any that are in actual existence in a country now. We won’t say which is the main country that springs to mind but it rhymes with “rowdy a-labia”

We are also not going to be lazy. Naziism/Fascism are too obvious to include. Also whilst they were abhorrent, they had some degree of success. In the interests of this article we are talking about the fringe of the fringe, the weirdest and the worst that the world has to offer

What are the worst ideologies in the world? Here’s our cracking list.

Worst Ideologies in the World


Anarchism itself is a bit messed up as it is, and fuck me does it have a lot of strands, from Anarcho-Communism, where everyone shares everything, but there is no government, or police, to Anarcho-Capitalism, where it is a free for all, but there is no government, or police. Following so far?

Anarcho-Primitive is the most screwed up of the lot. Basically we get rid of all technology and live like we did in the freaking stone-age. This would not only kill billions, but we wouldn’t get Coca-Cola. Do you really wanna live in a world without Coca-Cola?

National Bolshevism

This really is one of the worst ideas on the planet, and would you guess it comes from Russia. Basically Russians nostalgic about the strength of the old USSR thought they’d like to return to this golden era, but ideally without black people, or Jews.

Thus an unholy marriage between communism and fascism was formed by the name of National Bolshevism. Has some support in Russia, but don’t stress they are unlikely to form a government any time soon.

Shares seem similarities with Strasserism, which you can read bout here

Sharia Law

There is a lot of problems when it comes to religion, which could be an article in itself, but one of the main ones across the board is when people try to use books written a long time ago to define how we live today.

We will ignore the Sharia-light countries here, but focus on the Taliban and ISIS as our examples. No cutting your beard and no drinking you can kinda deal with, but blowing up ancient Buddhist statues, jihad, child brides and slavery really shouldn’t be part of the 21st century should it.

One idea to stop its spread would be to stop bombing the crap out of countries, but the West has yet to test if this idea will work, or not.


In many ways this is basically Anarcho-Capitalism, but with a more customer friendly name. The party is fairly big in the USA and has adherents throughout the world.

The basic tenet is the government should be brought down to almost zero and that the market will dictate EVERYTHING. No police, no fire service, no anything, just let capitalism fix everything.

If you have ever watched any dystopian movie about the future it is of a world run by evil corporations. Pepsi once had the third biggest navy in the world, which you can read about here (link). Oh and instead scratch they would be using the infrastructure built by the governments and let it go private. Poor people would be looked after by charities, so much it would work a lot like the American health care system.

Not all too dissimilar to Corporatism AKA Italian Fascism.


Oh now I know this is gonna piss off some people, but whatever you think of Marxism and communism and those who espouse it the Trots are the worst.

Trotsky maintained that you could not have socialism in one country, which witty insight he might have been right about, but anyway. Trotskyites are everywhere, just as Stalin feared, but they are rubbish at everything. They hate every country that has ever been communist and claim they weren’t “real” communist and just state capitalist. Largely ignoring the key role Trotsky played in the early Soviet Union.

Trotsky might have been killed with an ice-pick, but his memory lingers on through unwashed people selling crap newspapers. They have never held power, and never will.

Worst Ideologies in the World – Bonus Round – Illegalism

Illegalism would you believe it is a splinter from Anarchism, whereby crime is just considered like a job and, or way of life. Illegalists don’t like promote crime, but they are not against it either. The worst ideology ever, so bad I refuse to write any more about it.

And that marks the Worst Ideologies in the World! Did we miss any out?

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