7 of the worst islands in the world

Worst islands? Cuba, Palawan, Aruba, Coffee Caye, Koh Rong. All lovey places that put thoughts of coconuts and cocktails on pristine beaches into our minds. Maybe you just live in a Beijing Tokyo style Metropilis and dream of the serenity of an island? Well much like people not all islands are created equally.

Weird World Wire went in search of the worst islands in the world, and my word did we find some corkers.

Here’s the 7 Worst Islands in the World.

7) Deadmans Island  – UK

Located rather near the Isle of Sheppey, which despite having 60,000 residents also has a reputation for being a bit of a shit island. Deadmans Island is located in the arse pit of Kent known as Medway, namely in the River Medway. It is now off limits to civilians, but it was formerly where prison ships were kept. When these men and boys died they were thrown into the sea. Now at low tied around 2000 barnacle encrusted bodies float to the top, thus making this island scary, inaccessible and probably haunted.

6) Mgingo Island, Lake Victoria

Despite being a really shit island it actually almost caused a war between Kenya and Uganda over who owned said shit island. No one lived here for a very long time, but then fisherman started to move here, because being an island t was a great place to fish from. The island is only 2000 square meters, but nowadays, there are 131 permanent residents on Migingo Island, which gives it a ratio of 65,500 people per square kilometre. It is the most densely populated island on earth. Would have ranked much higher, but they have two bars and two brothels, so at least you won’t get bored.

5) Ilha De Queimada, Brazil

Such a nice name! And located in Brazil? Surely this must be a lovely island. This place is also known as snake island, because it has a poisonous snake for EVERY square meter of the island.Technically off limits to visitors, but if you are prepared risking coronavirus by going to Brazil and then paying some smugglers to get you onto the island then why not? Because you will probably get killed by a snake. That is why not.

4) Gruinard Island – Scotland

This island is actually for sale and for quite cheap, but do not get too excited just yet. Do you know what Gruinard means? Ok me neither, but I do know what anthrax means. Gruinard Island – Scotland is also known as anthrax island.

During the height of the cold war this place was used for testing chemical and biological weapons and is considered probably still dangerous.

3) Enewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands

Back in the cold war it was all the rage to test nuclear weapons in the Pacific. This stopped for most civilized nations, except France who continued to do it. Being an America colony the Marshall Islands were not allowed to complain when a whole island was turned into a nuclear wasteland.

If you go here you will probably get cancer, or gain superpowers and perhaps get to become part of the Marvel franchise. Its your choice.

2) Ramree Island – Myanmar

Located just off of the Burma was home to some fierce fighting between British and Japanese troops, the Japanese were forced to flee into the marshlands off of the island. What happened next got them into Guinness Book of World Records yay!

Not so yay, the 400 Japanese troops were eaten by crocodiles in what was the worst mass kilos humans in one ever by animals in history. On a plus point they did make it into the record books, so that is nice.

1) North Sentinel Island – India

How to one of the last unconnected peoples on earth, and the reason for this? Anyone that tries to get near them they kill. Many Indian fisherman have gone there and died, last year a Christian do-gooder went there and died, and even when helicopters go overr North Sentinel Island these guys are so bad ass they shoot arrows at th dastardly flying machines. There is no website for the North Sentinel Tourism Authority..

They got a bit messed up by the Tsunami, but they still not friendly. Do not travel here, a bible does not beat a spear.

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