8 Nazi Products We Still Use Today!

History has taught us that Hitler and the Nazi’s were beaten in 1945, from where they moved to Antarctica and then the Moon, but did you do know that there are many Nazi products we still use today?

Here are our 8 top products that, if you use, you might well be a National Socialist!


Basically, the story goes a little something like this, during the sequel to World War 1, Nazi Germany couldn’t get gold of coke syrup, so they used local ingredients instead. Kazoos Fanta was born using local fruits and stuff, with orange being a popular one. After the war, they still preferred Nazi Fanta to Free World Coke, so Coke purchased Fanta and now spread its dangerous ideology throughout the world #FantaQuest Fun fact I tried Fanta Tonic Water in Belize.

Hugo Boss

As menacing as the Gestapo or the SS looked during World War 2, one could not help but notice just how snappily dressed and dare we say handsome they looked. Mr. Hitler, not content with having blonde-haired and blue-eyed boys smashing windows, wanted them to look good. Enter Hugo Boss. Hugo Boss designed some of the most iconic Nazi uniforms, such as the Waffen-SS. The founder died in 1948, and everyone suddenly forgot their Nazi past.


Do you know how everyone who drives a BMW seems like an ass with a superiority complex? Well, there is an excellent reason for that. During the war, not only did Nazi Germany make cars, but it also helped the Luftwaffe with aircraft engine production. Since the war, they have tried to recreate history by saying “one of their directors wasn’t a Nazi,” and are now loved the world over.


Another car manufacturer, so sorry about that, but these guys were literally FOUNDED by the “German Labour Front,” a Nazi organization that even used the Swastika. Their first project to build an affordable car, the “People’s Car Nazi Project,” and continued with the genocide/war project until the German surrender. The British took it over until the formation of West Germany, which had so many Nazi politicians they decided to give it back. Another iconic Nazi product and a firm family favourite.

The Autobahn

The Autobahn is famous for having not only no speed limits but no morals when it was built. The aforementioned German Labour Front did most of the initial work, but with some slave labour thrown in like fairy dust. Remember that whenever you see a blonde-haired, blue-eyed douchebag speeding down it in his BMW.


IBM was and are great at computing, and my word did the holocaust need lots of admin. IBM, through its subsidiary Dehomag, built a factory in Germany in 1933 (after Hitler had come into power). IBM was good enough to help with the identification system that made finding Jews and Gypsies much easier and were even good enough to continue to smuggle punch cards after the US had declared war on Germany.

Associated Press

AP, as they are affectionately known, were in Nazi Germany when new laws were introduced, meaning all news agencies had to follow Nazi standards. All stood with their heads held high, and boldly left the country to protect freedom of the press, all except one. AP decided to ride out the party as Anti-Semite Nazi sympathizers. For icing on the cake, they even sacked all their Jewish staff. Take anything from AP with a bit of a pinch of salt…


Kodak, like many companies, had European subsidiaries that dealt with other countries, such as Germany. Following the US declaration of war on Germany in 1941, the parent companies were forced not to deal with the German counterparts. What Kodak America did was to sell products to neutral countries like Portugal or Switzerland, who would then resell to the Nazis. So, when you see pictures of people about to get gassed, just remember it was a Kodak moment. On a plus point, Kodak didn’t embrace the digital revolution and are just not important now.


The Daily Mail

The current mass purveyors of hate and anti-immigrant kings of the UK the Daily Mail were early supporters of Oswald Mosely and the British Union of Fascists. They famously ran a headline entitled “Hurrah for the Blackshirts.”

So, here’s the Weird World Wire guide to all the greatest Fascist brands still making billions today.

Next stop Japan……..

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