About Us

Weird World Wire was born was back in a simpler time we called “the crazy days of Summer 2019”. The initial idea initially came when one guy said, “Weird World Wire would be a cool domain,” availability was checked on the said domain, and it was purchased.

Much like a Christmas sweater from grandma Weird World Wire was then put in the wardrobe and then forgotten about whilst our merry band of folks got on with their jobs.

Remember jobs? Those pre-coronavirus things we did that involved us not only leaving the house but, at times, even doing “international travel.”

Well, things went and changed a whole hell of a lot for everyone, and that includes our merry old bunch. Weird World Wire as a concert was thus reborn?

What is Weird World Wire?

Coronavirus, whilst predominantly tragic also threw up some real weirdness in the world, weirdness we were witnessing on a day to day basis, and all of this whilst people were being forced to self-isolate, “social distance,” and by default spend hours at a time reading the “internet.”

Being in the same situation, we realized that there is only so much news, and indeed porn that people could watch, the masses demanded more, they needed escapism. The world needed us, and the world needed Weird World Wire?

What is Weird World Wire All About?

What isn’t it about? We got viral news, weird news, travel stories, clickbait, a strange obsession with war criminals, and special anniversary reminders courtesy of Dictator Swagger. We make no political or moral statements, we literally write about stuff we like, and hope there are other weirdos out there that enjoy what we put up!

Who are the Weird World Wire Team?

We are an eclectic bunch of digital nomads, travellers, and former Gentlemen of Means trying to navigate our way around the inevitable apocalypse that is destined to come.

Enjoy the work of our alter egos, and just hopefully, we may see you on the other side.