Angry Woman Jumps Onto Train Tracks Whilst Fighting With Her Drunk Boyfriend

A woman at Nanjing South Railway Station decided to jump onto the high-speed railway track from the platform after having an argument with her drunk boyfriend.

In CCTV footage from the incident, the woman is seen scurrying down from the platform and standing in the middle of the tracks while continuing to argue with her boyfriend as a crowd gathers above.

After a bit of screaming, security staff were able to get the woman back on the platform with the help of some commuters before a train could come by to really end the argument.
Upon investigation, police discovered that the couple had come to Nanjing, located in Jiangsu province to attend a friend’s banquet. The boyfriend had drunk too much at the party, resulting in him buying the wrong ticket and his girlfriend throwing a tantrum that led her onto the train tracks.

Local police fined her 50 yuan ($7) for the disturbance.

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