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Hashish in Afghanistan

A lot of people are going to be disdainful of drugs being discussed in relation to a warzone in which drugs have funded a lot of the violence.

If you travel to Afghanistan, you are going to see drugs get used especially Hashish. The simple fact of the matter is it is everywhere. To many in Afghanistan, it is like what alcohol is in western countries. It acts as a social lubricant, it serves to get people away from the realities of everyday life, and for many, it’s just fun. You’ll pass police with bloodshot eyes, you’ll smell it walking along the streets, and most importantly, you’ll even get to meet someone who makes their own and watch them consume it if you come on a tour with us.

Well, I suppose the important thing to point out is what hashish is. Well, hash is the resin from the Cannabis plant. If you’ve ever seen marijuana, you’ll notice there are these white crystal type things on the outside, and this is what it’s made from. You get lots and lots of these little white crystals and compress it into small blocks. This also means its stronger, so you need a lower amount than usual, good for the Afghans who usually have some in their pocket, it means they have to carry a lot less. Unlike normal marijuana, hash won’t burn by itself, so it needs to be mixed with something to help it burn so you can smoke it. Most people usually use tobacco, although I do know of one man who uses coals, but I really don’t think that’s good for you in the context of smoking.

How do you get it? Well, as I said, it is everywhere. The most likely way is you’ll probably be offered some. You’ll be sitting at the hotel at the end of the day thinking about all the amazing places you’ve been to and things you’ve seen when a friendly local will approach for a chat. This is normal anywhere in the world, but these friendly locals will sometimes bring up the topic of enjoying a smoke, much as we would suggest going and downing a few pints. Otherwise, you can literally just ask people, whether it be those serving you in a restaurant, a taxi driver, a hotel porter, or the security guards at pretty much anywhere.

Lastly, where has the best hashish? Locals in Afghanistan will often debate which parts of the country have the best hash. One thing is for sure. Everyone prefers stuff that isn’t from Kabul or its surroundings. The main places which are considered at the top of the list are Balkh, which is widely considered some of the strongest, Bamiyan which is regarded as ‘tastier’ (whatever that means, since aren’t you smoking it and just tasting burning?) and more pure and the Panjshiri hash which is considered to be the best by, well, Panjshiris actually.

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