Hitlers Unpublished Second Book

With the Bible being the best-selling book in the world it has always perplexed me that god in his infinite wisdom didn’t get round to writing a sequel. The same could be said for Hitler and Mein Kampf, obviously I’m not comparing Adolph with god, but his book is one of the most read in the world. What many don’t realize though is that he did write a sequel…

Mein Kampf

If you’ve not read Mein Kampf great news, you are probably not a Nazi, if you have read o’ll hope you are either a keen reader rather than a National Socialist.

To sum up Mein Kampf it basically lays out the political philosophy of Hitler, and thus the Nazi party itself. He began the book whilst in prison following the failed Beer Hall Putsch of 1923.

It is split into two volumes, starting with why he decided to hate Jews and also detailing his future plans for the German Reich. At the time Hitler was penniless, so hoped that book sales would aid him financially, which they didn’t, initially anyway.

After Hitler came to power in 1933 would you believe it, but the book became an absolute best seller, and as the dictatorship got deeper became required reading for everyone from students to soldiers. One fact unknown to most is that as the author this made Hitler filthy rich. Sadly for him he never got a chance to spend any of it following his suicide after perhaps the worst wedding in history.

Hitler originally wanted to call his forthcoming book Viereinhalb Jahre (des Kampfes) gegen Lüge, Dummheit und Feigheit, or Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice. His agent decided it was nowhere near catchy enough, so it was thus changed to Mein Kampf, or my struggle.

The book is still available today and is even published in Germany. Thankfully the proceeds go holocaust charities, rather than the remaining rather dwindling Hitler clan.

Mein Kamp 2

Feeling himself quite the literary genius and having decided that coming to power and Germany ruling the world were inevitable in 1928 Hitler decided to write a second book. It is not actually called Mein Kampf 2, but Zweites Buch, which in English translates to Second Book. Not nearly as catchy as My Struggle, but as a book it was never actually published.

Why was Zweites Buch not published?

So, the second book was written in 1928, but why did Hitler not publish his second book? Essentially Mein Kampf wasn’t a very good book and in 1928 had poor sales, the publishers at the time thus decided that publishing the second book would merely hinder sales.

After Hitler came to power he then had other things on his mind like getting rich from forcing people to read his first book, taking over the world and the holocaust.

What was Zweites Buch about?

Essentially it was quite  rehash of the first book, again with lots of Jew bashing and talking about Germany ruling the world, etc etc, which you can see from the contents section below.


  •     War and Peace
  •     The Necessity of Strife
  •     Race and Will in the Struggle for Power
  •     Elements of Foreign Policy
  •     National Socialist Foreign Policy
  •     German Needs and Aims
  •     Policies of the Second Reich
  •     Military Power and Fallacy of Border Restoration as Goal
  •     Hopelessness of an Economic Situation
  •     On Necessity for an Active Foreign Policy
  •     Germany and Russia
  •     German Foreign Policy
  •     German Goals
  •     England as an Ally
  •     Italy as an Ally
  •     Summary

Hitler loved the UK

Hitler famously, infamously, or didn’t live in Liverpool for a while, but he certainly had a brother who did anyway. Regardless Hitler details in the book his great admiration for the UK as a fellow Aryan nation and thought they might get together and fight the Soviets. Alas things didn’t work out exactly that way.

To read about when Hitler lived in the UK click here.

Hitlers changed view on the USA

In Mein Kampf Hitler trash talks America a lot as being racially degenerate, but by the second book this has all changed, with Hitler saying the racial segregation policies and industrialization made it a model nation. That’s right MAGA folk, Hitler praised 1920’s America….

Interestingly though Hitler correctly saw the United States as its biggest threat militarily, which kinda turned out right. Interestingly though Hitler had an interesting view on what would essentially be an alternative history.

Hitlers Plan for World War 3 – the 4th phase

Hitlers plan was that Germany would win World War 2 against the Soviets, with help from good countries like the UK, Italy and France and the form a “European Alliance”.

Hmmm a European alliance led by Germany? Seems impossible right….

Said European Alliance, lets for arguments call it the EU would then have a war in the distant future with the United States, using “Jet Planes” over who would dominate the world.

Hopefully Angela Merkel hasn’t read the book.

And that is the story of Hitlers second book. Don’t bother reading it…..

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