North Korean Cheerleaders

With the world falling apart due to coronavirus and black people getting murdered by police in America, it is easy to forget the good old days. Let us reminisce about the super hot cheerleaders from North Korea.

The year 2018 seems like an awfully long time ago, but it really wasn’t, but oh, my wasn’t the world different.

In 2018 they held the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang South Korea. Now, unless you are Canadian, Scandinavian, or a member of the Jamaican bobsled team, it is more than likely that you would ignore the fest of shit sports that is the Winter Olympics, this one was to be different though.

A Unified Korean Team!

For the first time in like ages the North and South Koreans, people who occasionally war with each other decided to field a joint women’s Ice-Hockey team. You may not realize that women’s Ice-Hockey exists, but it does. But if you thought this was exciting, it gets much better.

North Korean Cheerleaders!

The DPRK (North Korea) decided to send a huge team of cheerleaders to sing and dance in a perfectly choreographed way for the Korean teams. What the hell is wrong with that you may ask? Well, obviously, people in the west got severely butt-hurt.

Allegations of North Korean cheerleaders being picked due to beauty and talent?

If you’ve ever watched a single high school-based American film, you will be fully aware that to get picked for a cheerleading team; you need to be tall, beautiful and know how to dance. Being nasty to the lead character and dating the jock being optional. Apparently, though when North Korea picks their cheerleaders via this method, it is Communism or something. Anyway….

The Girls Stole Show!

The North Korean cheerleaders not only stole the show but somehow managed the impossible of making a Winter Olympics interesting.

We reached out to a North Korean business Consultancy to check their availability, but alas to no avail.

In honor and nostalgia for this event, we’ve embedded the best remix of the North Korean Cheerleaders. Enjoy – follow – comment!

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