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    Migingo Island – Rather Crowded

    At Weird World Wire, we are not claiming to be advising you where to spend your holidays; in fact, we’re more experts in what Premier Trump refers to as “shit holes.” We introduce Migingo Island. Migingo is a 2,000-square-metre island in Lake Victoria. All good so far except it nearly caused a war between Kenya […] More

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    7 Silly Monarchies You Might Not Have Heard Of

    North Korea gets a lot of crap about dynastically successive leaders (Singapore does not get this shit), but there are some other really rather silly Monarchies that still exist, like for real, no pretending. Here’s our Weird World Wire guide to some of the freaky deeky dictatorial monarchies of the world. 7) Malaysia Ready to […] More

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    What Does China Think About Donald Trump?

    “I hear Trump was recruited by ISIS and sent on a suicide mission to the USA, he said he wouldn’t go, but when ISIS told him the heaven that awaits him is full of virgins he started his mission straight away” joked my friend over a beer. Indeed, for Chinese people, President Trump is now […] More

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    Wild Frog in Cambodia

    Wild Frog in Cambodia is a Khmer delicacy, AKA weird food enjoyed throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia. We tried it, so you don’t have to. My time in Cambodia has been quite the weird food odyssey, with me consuming bats (not bat soup mind), worms, and other bugs during my stay here. One might ask […] More

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    Vilina Vlas – Sleeping at the Hotel of Horrors

    A few years ago, whilst on a road trip with a mate through the Balkan country of Bosnia on a research trip for Reaper Feed, we found ourselves in the out skirts of Višegrad, where a local folk festival was taking place. In the 1990s, Bosnia was the epicenter of the bloodthirsty wars that erupted […] More

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    The Guns of Communist Romania

    Romania is a large country situated in the Balkan region of Europe. Famous for blood-sucking people both in centuries past and today, as well as a hell of a lot of friendly gypsies. At Weird World Wire, we’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to travel to Romania many times and each time […] More

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    When most people think about Turkmenistan, they immediately think about Turkmenbashy. Some of the Turkmenophiles out there will laugh, but there is a large number of tourists we encounter in Turkmenistan who still think it is Turkmenbashy in the top spot. So, who was Turkmenbashy? Well, firstly, Turkmenbashy is not his original name. His original […] More

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    How to Claim Bir Tawil

    How to claim Bir Tawil Did you ever hear the tail of Bir Tawil? A place a dessert hellhole so wretched no country wants it? Weird World Wire decided to visit. Her’e our take on visiting Bir Tawil! What’s the story with Bir Tawil? So there is a big chunk of land between Sudan and […] More

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