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    Man has nearly 20 live worms pulled out from his eye

    A man in the Chinese city of Suzhou in Jiangsu province had nearly 20 live worms have been pulled out from his eye after they were believed to have lived inside him for over a year. Images began circulating online showing the white live worms squirming in a bowl after they were removed from Mr. […] More

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    All about Neutral Moresnet

    Neutral …what? What was the only country in the world to have Esperanto as the national language? Neutral Moresnet. Now that the pub trivia is out of the way, let’s get down and dirty with one of the most pointless countries ever to grace God’s green earth. Ever heard of Neutral Moresnet? Probably not, but […] More

  • Coronavirus Vaccine by pfizer

    Don’t get too excited about the Coronavirus Vaccine

    Pfizer famous inventors of what my friend used to describe as “magical weiner medicine” much to the delight of his girlfriend, may now have done something even more important than create a recreational drug for better sex. If what they are saying is true the company have produced a coronavirus vaccine that is 90% effective, […] More

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    Left-Wing, Right-Wing: Who wants a purge? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC as she is affectionately called by ultra-left members of the so-called American Democratic Party, has revealed herself to be either the biggest airhead in the entire party or simply an aspiring dictator herself. The architect of the proposed Green New Deal, which President-elect Joe Biden […] More

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    What has happened for Kurdish people as a result of the Syrian Civil War?

    Syrian Civil War Background The Kurdish people have suffered much under the various political states that have governed them. The Kurds are a unique ethnic group inhabiting ‘Kurdistan’, a region that spans Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Various attempts to incorporate or remove them from societiesover the centuries has given them a unique identity within the Middle East.  The history […] More

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    Man Arrested after Making it Rain Money from Apartment Window

    New weather pattern: Raining money The authorities the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing have arrested a man after he made it ‘heavenly rain of banknotes’ on commuters from his apartment window. What would cause someone to “make it rain money” when it’s your hard-earned cash and you’re not even in a Lil’ Wayne video? Mr […] More

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    Depressed Passenger denied boarding on Chinese flight

    Story of the depressed passenger On Wednesday 14th of October, a Weibo user on the famous Chinese microblogging platform shared his dispute with Shanghai-based Spring Airlines, which denied boarding his girlfriend on the basis of a side effect from taking antidepressants. We’ve all heard stories of drunkards or aggressive people not being allowed to board. […] More

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