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    Rason, the other North Korea

    Rason, the other North Korea. Whenever you are in traveler, country collector, or worse still digital gonad company you will inevitably get into he dick shining competition that is “how many countries”, or “which countries” have you been to. This will invariable at some point get you onto the question of North Korea, which many […] More

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    Depressed passenger denied boarding on Chinese flight

    On Wednesday 14th of October, a Weibo user on the famous Chinese microblogging platform shared his dispute with Shanghai-based Spring Airlines, which denied boarding his girlfriend on the basis of a side effect from taking antidepressants. According to the boyfriend, who goes by his last name Yu in interviews, the incident happened on Tuesday the […] More

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    The Strange story of the DeLorean

    The Strange story of the DeLorean. If you do not know what a DeLorean is then please stop reading, go home and end it all. If you have heard of the most iconic car ever made and love Back to the Future, please carry on. The story of the DeLorean! Who invented the DeLorean? The […] More

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    Thailand cracks down on protesters (again)

    When we think about dictatorships cracking down on their people, images that tend to get conjured up are of China, Russia, North Korea, or Iran. The reason for this is that they are not our “mates”. It is also completely ignored that Russia and Iran, although flawed actually have mute-party elections. It turns out though […] More

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    The 7 most dangerous places to travel to

    What are the most dangerous places on earth you can travel to? At Weird World Wire we pride ourselves on our adventurous streak, but there are some places even we fear to tread. Coronavirus has meant most of us are hankering to go anywhere, literally anywhere, but there are some places really best avoided even […] More

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    Ethiopia’s Julian Assange Style Exiles

    Before we get to Ethiopia’s very ‘Julian Assange’ style story, first some context. The Cold War was an interesting time for Africa. With many of the nations being victims of European colonialism, their sudden independence throughout the 50s and 60s led to many rapidly aligning themselves with the east. Some would go on to become […] More

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    Where is the biggest stadium in the world?

    Where is the biggest stadium in the world? No it is not Brazil, it is in Pyongyang, North Korea and it goes by the name of the Rungrado 1st of May Stadium. Yeah we know what you are thinking, North Korea aren’t really powerhouses at any major sport, but they are very good at building […] More

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    Can you live in North Korea?

    Is it possible for foreigners to live in North Korea? The short answer is you can live in North Korea (and many do), but it is also not exactly that easy. So, in the interests of this article we will ignore people that have tried to claim asylum, or other silly such things and concentrate […] More

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