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    Does Anyone Still Support the Khmer Rouge?

    Even in the most ardent of ultra-left-wing circles, you will be hard-pressed to find someone willing to fight the corner of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Hitler, Stalin, hell even Enver Hoxha still have their adherents, but when it comes to the Killing Fields, they appear one step too far even for apologists. But, […] More

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    Descendants of Despots

    Do you have daddy issues, or hate your family every now and again? Well count yourself lucky you are not one of the descendants of some of the most notorious dictators of the 20th century. Weird World Wire delves into what the relatives of some of the most brutal leaders in history are up to […] More

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    The Americans Who Joined the Khmer Rouge

    If you ask someone what the most brutal regime in recent history was, while telling them that saying Nazis is cheating because it’s too obvious, there’s a decent chance they’ll invoke the Khmer Rouge. In a little over four short years of rule, Cambodia’s life expectancy from age five decreased to a scant 14.4 years […] More

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    Cambodian New Year Gets cancelled

    Cambodian New Year gets cancelled in a move even the grinch would flinch at. Cambodian New Year, or as the locals call it Khmer New Year, which takes place from April 14th – 16th, has mostly been cancelled due to the giant elephant in the room that is coronavirus! During Khmer New Year, migrant workers […] More