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    Liver Birds and Swastikas: Did Hitler visit Liverpool?

    Did Hitler visit Liverpool? Ah, Liverpool. The land of the Beatles, organized crime, and funny accents. Born out of waves of Irish immigration, it’s a strange old city that people either love or hate. Natives of Liverpool are called Scousers, and over the years, they’ve awarded the title of honorary Scouser to certain people who’ve […] More

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    Good News, You Probably Aren’t a Fascist!

    The world is a very polarizing place right now, isn’t it? Many of us are wearing masks, social distancing and suffering economic hardships, whilst an awful lot are either protesting, setting up “free zones,” ripping down statues, or at the worst end of the scale looting stores. Many of us in the “let us halt […] More

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    The Last German Surrender

    The war against fascism ended in Europe at 2:41 am on May 7th, 1945, as everyone knows, with the official surrender of German Armed Forces High Command Chief-of-Staff, General Alfred Jodl on behalf of the combined Nazi forces in Europe. For this reason, spontaneous celebration erupted throughout Europe as soon as news broke with many […] More