Good News, You Probably Aren’t a Fascist!

The world is a very polarizing place right now, isn’t it? Many of us are wearing masks, social distancing and suffering economic hardships, whilst an awful lot are either protesting, setting up “free zones,” ripping down statues, or at the worst end of the scale looting stores.

Many of us in the “let us halt the pandemic” camp often just ignore the news coming from the west, but when we do choose to read what is going, we see a number of words that keep coming up in the strangest of contexts, namely Nazi, and Fascist.

This initially made extremely concerned that over the last few weeks, some kind of tyrannical regime had taken over a country and were threatening a holocaust of Armageddon proportions on the free people of the world. Luckily I read a little more into things, and as it turns, people simply don’t know what the fuck either word means.

Statues Are People Too

I’ll be honest I don’t actually give much of a shit about half the statues that people want to tear down, but I think there should be a tiny bit of thought process here. Left-wing people as a whole believe in evolution, as do I. People have thus evolved, and that means social norms are now different from what they once were. Not all that hard to understand is it? Some might argue then that because someone like Gandhi once said something racist over 100 years ago he wasn’t an actual card-carrying member of the Nazi party.

And the great news is! If you do not agree with people tearing down statues, you are neither a fascist or a nazi!

Disagreeing With Looting Does Not Make You a Nazi!

The owner of a pedal company called Fulltone has been lambasted and accused os fascism and racism over declaring a difference between legitimate Black Lives Matter protestors and people looking storefronts. The fact that people got angry doesn’t now mean that he was wrong.

Great news again, if you support legitimate protest, but if you think that looking businesses is wrong, you are not a Nazi, fascist, or even racist.

It’s Ok to Think That Chaz Is a Bit Dumb

CHAZ or the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone is an occupation protest, an anarchist commune, or a freedom movement depending on your take on things. Let us get one thing straight here, CHAZ is not the fucking Paris Commune (link to Wikipedia by even a stretch). There were no hot-dog stands in the Paris Commune. Despite all the leftist talk, the main place doing any kind of business in the zone is a fucking Taco Bell.

Therefore if you feel that CHAZ is a bit of hippy bullshit, again, that is fine; it does not make you a member of the Gestapo.

You Do Not Think There Are 753 Different Genders

My personal opinion is that if you are trans-phobic, you are a bit of a dick, or if you think that God hates fags, then personally, I hate you, and we cannot be friends. But it is OK to have your opinion.

Again, and in case you are noticing a theme here, questioning matters around to toilet issues for trans people, or being against homosexuality for religious reasons does not make you a prospective member of the Waffen-SS.

You Vote Trump, And, or Love Capitalism

In fact, not only can you be a Trump voter, but you can even be a confederate flag waving cock-stick. This might make you a cretin, but you guessed it does not make you a fucking fascist.

Why Does This Matter?

Words and ideologies have immense power, as we have witnessed countless times over history. If you start to call everyone that does not fit your extremely slim view on society a Nazi, then the words start to have almost no meaning.

I’ll finish with a tiny tidbit. Remember, the people who suffered from the two biggest holocausts in recent history, Armenians and Jews that fled to America, are now considered part of this white elite. Think deeply about that.

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