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    The Trotskyist Guerrillas in Syria

    Okay, so a few things right off the bat. A Trotskyist is a revolutionary socialist following in the footsteps of Russian Bolshevik Leon Trotsky and (debatably) Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin. They distinguish themselves from Marxist-Leninists (often termed ‘Stalinists’ or sometimes ‘Tankies’) with a focus on the theory of permanent revolution, this being the idea that […] More

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    The Taliban Embassy

    When we think of terrorist groups, we have a lot of, usually accurate, preconceived notions. Chief among them is the image of desert warriors in the mountains or caves of a bombed-out wasteland. When you look at most footage of insurgents on the ground, it seems pretty accurate. ISIS certainly seemed like that in their […] More