The 7 most dangerous places to travel to

What are the most dangerous places on earth you can travel to? At Weird World Wire we pride ourselves on our adventurous streak, but there are some places even we fear to tread.

Coronavirus has meant most of us are hankering to go anywhere, literally anywhere, but there are some places really best avoided even for the most intrepid of travelers.

North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island is part of the Sentinel Island group in the Indian Ocean, it is officially part of India, but is weirdly an independent state. The people here are what is known as un-contacted, and when people have tried to make friends it has not gone so well. Many an Indian fisherman has ended up with a spear in him, and a few years ago an American missionary decided he would spread Christianity here. Theres no Christianity and the missionary is dead. Do not visit North Sentinel Island.

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Remember the good old days when Libya was stable under Colonel Gaddafi, well the west in its infinite glory decided that it wanted to spread western style democracy. That has not worked out all that well and there are now at least two rival governments. People do still travel here, and whilst we have heard success stories, we have also heard some horror stories. Probably best to wait until another strongman takes oner. Amazingly though more people still visit Libya than Nauru….

Interestingly it is now 9 years since Gaddafi was ousted.

Libya is a bit different now

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Rebel held Syria

Visiting government held Syria is now very much in fashion and indeed you can do a tour to Syria, but it should be remembered that there is large swathe still run by Jihadists who are fighting the central government. Chances of getting head chopped off or being bombed, better than average. This is a shame as we would love to visit anarchist Rojava.

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The former Soviet Union is filled to the brim with what is known as frozen conflict zones. Every now and again these conflict zones become less frozen, such as is currently happening in Nagorno-Karabakh. Then you have Donetsk, it is far from frozen and is engulfed in actual warfare. We have again heard people that have successfully been there, but equally horror stories of people being kidnapped. You do not want to end up stuck in a bunker waiting for the Ukrainians to advance on you….


Yemen could well be called the forgotten war, or rather the war that western people don’t give a shit about. On the plus side we do sell them guns, which helps our economies. Yemen is going through one of the worst civil wars and proxy wars the world has ever seen. Now whilst it is possible to visit Socotra, mainland Yemen, unless you are merely transiting is very very dangerous.

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If there was a league table of failed states, Libya would come second, Somalia would come a resounding first. Unless you fancy becoming a pirate, or getting kidnapped by Islamic militants Mogadishu should not be on your bucket list. It is possible to travel here in very small groups, but just rocking up alone and without protection is not cool.

You can though travel to Somaliand.

Snake Island Brazil

Theres an island off of Brazil known as snake island, or to be more specific lha da Queimada Grande has an estimated 1 poisonous snake per square meter, this does not stop smugglers using the island, many of whom get killed by snakes would you believe it. To get here you’d also have to travel via Brazil which in infested with COVID and then negotiate with Brazilian mafia as it is technically illegal to visit here.

If you want to visit an island we suggest Coffee Island, which while not having any Coffee, also has no snakes.

Bonus round – The USA

Oh, are we being too harsh here? Unless you want Coronavirus probably avoid the states, at least until after the election…

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