US anti-mask protest

Why are people in America so offended by face masks?

The last week has seen people in America threaten to do mass burnings of face masks, state hearings where people compare the right not to where a mask with the right to let their vaginas breath and conservatives in the UK saying they will leave the ruling party if there is mask based legislation. We look at the big elephant in the room, why are people in the west so butt-hurt by face masks?

How did face masks become a political issue in America?

US mask protest

The humble face mask has been worn by both Asians and expats alike in the middle kingdom and beyond for a long time. A face mask is generally a small piece of cloth with string attached so that it can fit over your ears. The overall plan is that it protects you and those around you from germs, hurrah!

All good so far, or so you’d think, but masks are fast becoming a huge “human rights” issue in the western world.

It should be noted that many Americans do follow medical advice and wear masks, but for a vocal and not so small minority, this is the next battle to save personal freedom and stop the “man”.

So, who is right? The scientists and medical professionals, or right-wing zealots and their Christian cohorts?

What is the controversy over masks in the US?

Polls have shown that a majority of US citizens are heeding advice and wearing masks, but the Democrats are far more likely than Republicans to do so. It doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together and point out that Trump largely refuses to wear a mask and the Republicans are much more likely to think God will save them. Usually one can merely laugh at crazy Christians, but sadly whilst they piss is in the pool, everyone is affected.

Why do people say they are against masks?

More America face masks protesters

What originally started as a protest against the overall lockdown has quickly
spiraled into something much more sinister, with people famously comparing the
wearing of masks to communism (masks are not mentioned by Marx or Engels), or
worse still, saying it is the first towards Islamification and everyone being forced to wear a hijab.

When push comes to shove in America, face masks feed into the already existing paranoia that right-wing Americans seem to have about the big state and the false belief that they are the freest people in the world.

And of course God gets thrown into the mix as well. People in Florida (highest rate
of infections last week
) have said how offensive it is to the “wonderful breaking apparatus God gave us”. These are the same fat fucks who drive gas-guzzling huge cars instead of using the fat legs God gave them.

And really think about how hypocritical it is that right-wing American people are happy to have their troops on the streets of foreign lands imposing martial law, but being asked to wear a face-mask in their own country is too far. Let that one sink in a few minutes.

Americans are now banned from Europe

There isn’t much funny about a pandemic that kills people and stops global trade, but there are at least a few points that can give at least an ironic smile, with the first being how Americans, and not Chinese people are banned from travel to Europe. America is not on a list of 15 safe countries that can come to EU. It is not about politics it is about health and America have screwed up coronavirus from the get go.

The highlight of this was when a Fox News anchor said “maybe they should remember what we did for them in World War 2”. Always a classic line when it comes to anything to do with Europe. Also if you really wanna spilt hairs, all you did to the Germans in WW2 was beat them…..

Natural selection is a bitch

It is always worth remembering when the US is ever acting stupid that 50%+ of the
nation not only don’t support the President, but are not Christian fundamentalists. New York (a largely gun free state) and California have done a great job of stemming the flow of COVID, whilst others in Florida for example have not.

Florida, the same Florida that have been going to churches as normal, the same Florida who have been protesting the use of face masks yesterday had the record for most daily infections. Clearly Darwinism at its best.

Now is Your Turn

A lone mask-wearer in New York

At the start of the pandemic, the world turned on China by creating what seemed at the time like the worlds biggest leper colony. This was followed with constant criticism of how China was dealing with the pandemic, whilst simultaneously not preparing at all for its arrival.

It would seem that it is now your turn Uncle Sam.

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