You cannot have a website dealing with every problem in the world from
coronavirus to best dressed dictator without team of genuine writers.

Here is the Weird World Wire team in all of its glory.

Warning some names are not real.

Editor – Gareth

Gareth is the Editor in Chief at Weird World Wire.

Reece Ferguson

Reece Ferguson is a travel write and author based in the Philippines. He is an SJW.

Alfred Yeltsin

Born in the Soviet Union and bred within multiple capitalist nations, Alfred now resides on the equator and has a particular interest with anything with a hint of Chinese characteristics.

Miroslav Martelov

Miroslav Martelov is the lead contributor to Weird World Wire’s Dictator Swagger section. His dispatches, often written from current or former dictatorships, focus on the lives, times and eccentricities of your favorite dictators of yesterday to today.

Jason Green

Jason Green is Weird World Wire’s resident expert on global wars and the former Soviet Union. He can usually be found reporting from current or former conflict zones and throughout the often wild and eccentric lands of the old Eastern Bloc.

Cedric Puffincat

A retired communist and a lapsed atheist, Cedric spends his time on his land raising pigs and laughing at stupid people on the internet without even a hint of irony.

Vladimir Baldavich

Standing member, Politburo, Albanian Party of Labour. Bald.