No, America isn’t very democratic

Following the “victory” of Joe Biden to become 46th President of the United States of America, we can now expect the American “left” to be feeling very smug about themselves. Trumpism, which has been largely equated with racism, has been defeated and “democracy” has been shown to work. The same democracy that the US has been trying to export around the world to countries such as Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Of these the most functioning of states is probably Syria, quite simply because they were not defeated by the Americans. Ironic for an America that is supposed to be democratic.

Iraq gave us ISIS, Afghanistan is still at war with the Taliban jihadis and Libya, perhaps after Somalia is the benchmark for a a failed state.

Biden has stated that he wants America to again take a leading role on the world stage, but if this has taught us absolutely anything, this will mean war, lots of war.

Nobody won the election

Technically Biden did win the election, although it looks like his victory will be dragged through the courts by sore losing Trump side. The fact is though that Trump was not white washed, he did incredibly well. This shows just how divided the United States is, but this is not the scary part. The Neo-Con establishment and mass media seemed desperate to get rid of Trump, that he did so well against such odds shows that be it left, or right, the establishment will not accept any renegade. Now whether you like Trump, or not, he was certainly a renegade. As George Galloway put it, you wonder just how far they would have gone had Bernie Sanders been running for President. This was loss for all, and particularly the facade of America being the best democratic nation the world.

Two flavors of the same American pie. They're not even going to bother making the two parties appear different in this photo.
Two flavors of the same American pie. They’re not even going to bother making the two parties appear different in this photo.

The Electoral College and the fraud of the two-party system

You can read for hours and hours about why the electoral college exists, with the main argument being that it is all about protecting and respecting the federal element to the United States. The federal make up of the United States would not change one bit if the US held a popular vote for President, this argument simply has no weight.

The only thing the electoral college does is protect the two party system and keep the ideological divide to such a minimum that until Trump, it was simply impossible for an interloper to have any chance of coming to power. Essentially, and as we saw with Ross Perot in 1992, all the electoral college does is lock out 3rd party candidates.

If there was a popular vote it would be possible for a strong fire-brand 3rd party candidate to not only take part, but win the election. What scares the elite is this would favor firebrands not only like Trump, but of leftists like Bernie Sanders. Without the two party system, Sanders after being screwed over by the Democrats could have just ran  independently and probably won. The electoral college protects the system and is not truely democratic.

So, much like countries such as China and the old East-Germany had popular fronts to show a veneer of democracy, the US lets anyone set up a political party and run for president, but makes it impossible for them to stand any chance of winning. The US wants a 4 year choice between Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola, whilst telling the world just how democratic they are.

If you cannot see the flows in this and feel that democracy won, then you need to look much deeper at things.

Big business run a “democratic” America

In an early interview Biden himself admitted that every politician was at least a little bit corrupt, simply due to the amount of money it took to run for office. If you  want power you need money, and the people who give money expect favors in return.

This is why you will not see gun control, or socialized medicine in America, no matter who is in power. Money rules and the majority are periodically overruled by a vocal and well-funded majority.

People in countries America usually criticize as being dictatorships might argue that the “right” not to fear mass shootings could be considered a democratic civil right.

President Biden is as big business and establishment as it gets. Biden is not of the left, or by the left, America has simply swapped potential change for a return to status-quo. Like, or loathe Trump, but he was the first President in 30+ years not to have started any new wars. Let that sink in for a minute.  

If you’re a left-winger you didn’t win

It is very understandable that people of the left would have voted against Trump. Much of what Trump stood for and has said about everything from race to ANTIFA is exactly the opposite of what those of us on the left stand for. Learn more about ANTIFA in America here.

In this respect Biden can obviously be seen as the lesser of two evils, and thus the person to vote for. The reality though is that you have replaced a President of the far-right with one of centre-right. Little to nothing will be done to improve the lives of everyday working Americans.

All you’ve succeeded in doing is removing someone who is unashamedly morally reprehensible with someone who will be just as much in bed with big business, but does it whilst wearing a democratic mask.

You have also helped prove that the establishment really are the ones in control in America and not the democratic will of the majority.

America more active on the world stage?

Regardless of what you think of Trump, he managed to keep America out of any new wars, whilst engaging in diplomacy with players such as North Korea . His style might not have been what everyone wanted, or expected, but it certainly marked the biggest change in US foreign policy since the end of the cold war.

Keep lookin' buddy. Biden will be providing some new tax payer-funded targets soon.
Keep lookin’ buddy. Biden will be providing some new tax payer-funded targets soon.

What does a more active America mean? Probably more war, and more control attempted to be exerted on the world stage. The only problem is that things are different now. Whilst the USA spent a week trying to count votes in a 2 horse race, China was busy building up its economy and sending a satellite into space which would make it the first country to have 6G (We will ignore the fact that having 6G in China is like having a Ferrari that can only drive on 40% of the roads in the interests of this article).

The world and East-Asia in particular are looking at America with a mixture of shock and amusement. And the next time that America tries to dictate to the region about democracy and law and order, don’t be surprised that the rest of the world no longer sees America as the self-declared bastion of democracy.

In China they might argue that being free from gun-crime, racism and the coronavirus is far more important than a like for like vote once every 4 years…..

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