What Is a Bar Fine in The Philippines?

What is a bar fine in the Philippines? Probably a big disappointment and proof that you should have lived your life differently, but let’s not get stuck on that.

The Philippines might currently be a den of COVID-19, but during other times it has much more going on, such as prostitution and extrajudicial killings, hence the phrase “it’s more fun in the Philippines.”

When visiting what are colloquially known as “lady bars,” you may be thrown lots of acronyms and language that you do not understand, such as GRO, ERC and Girly Drink. Weird World Wire has done the research to get you through this minefield.

Let us take a city like Angeles as our test case. Angeles City was formerly a US Air-force base, and where you have military, you get ladies willing to sell flaunt their talent. A whole industry for the oldest trade has sprung up around Fields Avenue and Walking Street of girly bars.

Step 1 – Pick Your Bar and Enter

Pick your bar, such as Shooterz and sit down. You will notice scantily clad ladies dancing very unenthusiastically on the stage, and these are your GRO’s. You will notice that GRO’s rhythms with hoes. GRO stands for guest relations officer, and her job is to make the guest (you happy). If you catch one’s eye, she will offer you the opportunity to buy her a drink.

Step 2 – The Girly Drink

Girly drinks tend to cost twice as much as a manly drink at around $6. They are basically fruit juice that lady drinks and gets to pocket half the dosh. The GRO is liable to become more frisky as more drinks are purchased.

Step 3 – The ERC

Let us assume you and your new-found lady friend have really hit it off and have had a wonderful conversation the choice may well be made to take the party elsewhere. It is now illegal to charge a “bar fine” in the Philippines, so this has been entirely replaced by the Early Release Charge, which is erm, well, the bar fine. Traditionally around $60, the lady gets half of this, and the bar gets half.

Step 4 – Leave….

Your lady will change into her civilian clothes, and you will go back to your hotel. The money paid implies her “putting out,” although if you decide to get weird beard, she may ask for extra.

There’s no set procedure on the next day, although it is polite to give a wee tip so she may take a trike back to her abode.

And that’s the story of Jesus.

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