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Brexit Party to be Rebranded so Farage can stay on TV…

I don’t read nearly as much British politics as I probably should do. There’s a number of reasons for this, but mostly because it is fucking boring. As an expat in Asia, we find it amazing how badly the Brits are dealing with Coronavirus, but most worryingly how much everyone just complains, such as our friend Farage and his Brexit Party.

And then whilst conversing with someone, I was to learn that Nigel Farage, king of the whiners, was to be rebranding the Brexit Party into some anti-establishment, anti-face-mask party. We shall get onto that later….

Reform UK and Farage

Having succeeded in fucking up the country by ensuring not only Brexit, but a hard Brexit, aside from sucking on the twang of Premier Trump, Nigel Farage has obviously decided that he needs a new mission in order to stay on TV. Voila! the Brexit Party will become Reform UK, a party that is not only anti-mask, but anti-lockdown and House of Lords (ok we will give you that one).

The main thing though seems to be masks.

Why do people get so offended by having to wear a face-mask? We have previously written about our surprise at why Americans get so offended by wearing face-masks, but in the good old UK? Are we turning into America?

To read about how offended Americans are about mask click here.

The Dunkirk Spirit!

Whatever you think about masks the simple fact is they are made to protect others and not you. But I’m not going to launch a tirade into why you should be wearing face masks, its just called science.

What I would like to point out here is that the largely elderly Brexit brigade, which will now spearhead Reform UK, are the same idiots that like to talk about World War 2 like it was some bygone age of Brits suffering, pulling through, but having a jolly good time throughout. I’ll ignore the large dollop of horse-shit that this is served with for now and take it at face value.

Lets briefly pretend that this romanticized view of wartime Britain is true. During this time people had to live on rations, black out their windows and follow a whole heap of rules that were not exactly giving you your full human rights. People accepted this because we were at war. Now these same pricks are the ones that are out protesting about wearing a mask??? Like seriously? It’s like living in bizarro world, but none of them can see any irony in it all. I’m pointing my finger at you, Farage.

It’s all a big hoax!

These are also the people that claim that coronavirus is either A) The flu, or B) A hoax cooked up by the worlds leaders to gain control over us that will never be given back.

I’ll now deal with both of these points

Point A – It’s called science.

Point B – I am prepared to give this one a little more airtime. So all the worlds leaders, including you know the Ayatollah, Donald Trump, Mr. Kim, the Illuminati and whatever got together in a room and said, “Let’s all fuck our economies so we can get more power”.

Unless you actually believe in Lizard People, then this idea only needs a tiny bit of exploration before it becomes truly ridiculous……..

Reform UK and Brexit

Whilst they have talked big about fighting corruption and “vested interests” few would deny that it is simply a vanity project for Mr. Farage and the Brexit Party to try and stay relevant. On the one hand it is sad that numerous people will undoubtedly support this Brexit-lite idiocy, but with the pleasant caveat that maybe, just maybe it might split the right-wing vote.

Don’t be an ass, wear a mask, it really is that simple.

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