North Koreans traveling abroad

Can North Koreans travel abroad (2020)

When it comes to North Korea, there is a lot of innuendo and outright lies when to comes to the country. Most of it negative, some a little more debatable. One of the most common myths is that North Koreans are forbidden from leaving the country. Weird World Wire went out to explore the question, can North Koreans Travel abroad?

Can North Koreans Travel Abroad?

The short and snappy answer to this is yes, yes they can travel abroad, but the actual truth on how and why they might travel is a little bit more complex.

Why Do North Koreans Travel?

Can North Koreans travel abroad

Most North Koreans that do travel do so for work, on business, or as athletes. It is very rare to bump into a bunch of selfie-taking North Koreans on the beaches of Thailand.

Are There North Korean Expats?

North Koreans study abroad, work abroad and even have embassies abroad. China accounts for where the lions share of North Korean expats live, although a significant number also live in Russia.

Are There North Korean Sportsmen Abroad?

Han Sang-Kwong, North Korean footballer abroad

North Korea regularly take part in the Olympics and football tournaments, such as the World Cup. There are a few North Korean footballers that are in foreign leagues, such as the pictured Han Sang-Kwong.

Do North Koreans Travel for Leisure?

North Koreans that travel for leisure predominantly travel in North Korea. That being said it is not unheard of for North Koreans to travel abroad on holiday, although this would not be done by your average Pak, Kim, or Lee.

How Can North Koreans Travel Abroad?

First they will need a reason to go abroad, ideally an invite and of course an exit stamp. Exit stamps were formerly common throughout the eastern-bloc and amounted to the government giving your permission to travel abroad.

A few years ago, Cuba removed their exit stamp policy, leaving North Korea one of the last states to still have this.

And that is the story on if North Koreans can travel abroad

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