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Average Height of People

Whilst being woke means not being able to point out any difference between ethnicities, science has in fact shown us that people are different. We decided to look into the average height of people.

As a white CIS (not a citizen of the commonwealth of independent states) male that lives in Asia I generally find myself on the average, to slightly taller height spectrum. I am approximately 170 cm tall, but when I go to say Serbia it feels like I am in the land of the giants. This got me wondering how a would fare on an average height for males before globally and regionally.

Average Height in Asia

The average height in South Asia is 165 cm, whilst the average height in East Asia and the Pacific Islands is about 169 cm. This makes me average height! An interesting case study here is in the different heights for males in North and South Korea.

Average North Korean height for males – 165.6 cm
Average height for women in North Korea – 154.9
Average South Korean height for males – 170 cm
Average height for women in South Korea – 157

Interestingly this shows that both ethnicity and factors such as diet come into play when it comes to usual heights of people.

So, are Europeans taller than Asians?

Yes they are. The tallest Europeans are the Dutch who are on average 180 cm.

Average Height in Africa

Africans have a reputation for being “bigger”, no pun intended, but how does this stack up with the statistics? We know that North Koreans tend to be taller than East Africans (home of the pygmies) for example.

Average height of African men – 167 cm
Average height of African women – 158 cm

Africans therefore tend to be taller than Asians, but not as tall as Europeans.

But, lets get to the main crux of things, what is the typical height of men in the world, and what is the average height of women in the world?

Global Average Height

Average height of males – 179 cm
Average height of females – 163 cm

This is taken as the global average if we count everyone in the world, although it
is not precisely accurate.

So, that is where you fit onto the league table of usual heights. Don’t worry if you
do not score too well, after all there is always National Short Day.

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