Chinese Doctors Turn Black After Coronavirus Recovery

Two Chinese doctors turn black after coronavirus recovery.

Two doctors from the COVID-19 epicentre of Wuhan have recovered from the virus only to have their skin turn extremely dark after they were placed in life support.

Dr. Yi and Dr. Hu both 42 were both diagnosed with coronavirus on January 18th whilst working at one of the worst-hit places, Wuhan Central Hospital.

They were initially placed in Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital before being transferred twice, according to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

The immense change in skin tone was attributed to hormonal imbalances created by damage to their livers caused by the coronavirus pandemic Chinese media reported, although it has been speculated by other doctors that the change in skin tone was in fact caused by the drugs they were taking.

Mr. Yi, a cardiologist, was hooked to an ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) machine for 39 days. The machine, which in some way is similar to what is used in open-heart surgery, oxygenates a patient’s blood whilst outside of the body.

Mr. Hu has been bedridden for over 3 months, and for both of them to recover is seem as miraculous. Both of the doctors worked with the whistleblower Dr. Li, who later died of coronavirus.

It is expected and indeed hoped that both men will eventually regain the original color pigmentation and their full health.

The sad state of affairs comes at a time when China has been deeply embroiled in mass claims of racism, against foreigners in general, but particularly against darker-skinned people, who are generally assumed to be from Africa, regardless of where they are actually from.

Recently McDonald’s in Guangzhou refused entry to a number of black patrons, as well as many being refused access to things like public transport in Guangdong province.

This, alongside a number of racist cartoons, has led to China having to publicly defend itself over racist policies.

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