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Chinese Driver Said He Failed Breathalyzer Test by Eating Betel Nuts

Fushun county police in Sichuan province recently stopped a man on suspicion for drunk driving.

The man claimed that he had not been drinking alcohol but had been eating betel nuts.

The betel nut for those who aren’t aware is a controversial seed that is commonly chewed in south and east Asia for its burning and stimulating effect. Like all good things in life, chewing betel nuts regularly increases the risk of cancer of the mouth and esophagus.

The police officers listened to the driver’s explanation, one officer bought a bag of betel nuts, ate them on the spot, and then took a breathalyzer test himself. Which to no surprise turned out to be negative.

The driver was fined 1,900 Chinese yuan ($270USD), had six points deducted from his license, and has been banned from driving for six months.

Remember kids, shoving gum, using mouth wash or eating betel nuts does not hide your alcohol blood levels.

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