Oklahoma Opens Casinos and Other News!

At Weird World Wire, we try to avoid too much reporting too much on good old COVID-19, as well everyone else is doing the same, but we do like to keep our fingers firmly on the pulse when there is HUGE news, and that is what we have here.

If you saw our story yesterday, we reported on the novel response being taken by the bars of Phnom Penh, whereby bars turn off their lights instead of closing.

Keeping your finger on the pulse at an establishment like Weird World Wire means making sacrifices, and for us, that means watching the drivel that is American news. Today we opted for definitely not at all bias NBC, who technically at least veer to the left in American politics. That being said, the left in America is basically Mussolini compared to Hitler.

Oklahoma has decided that despite the fact that infections and deaths in America are not only the highest in the world, but are rising, not only would they start slowly “opening up,” but one of those essential things being opened would be the casinos of Oklahoma.

A tanking economy, businesses going bust, and Oklahoma deicides to open enclosed den of vice and probable coronavirus haven of casinos?

For most of us in the world, we can barely get a hamburger or even a pint (even though our countries have fewer infections), but in good old Oklahoma, you can now spunk your kids’ tuition fees on the craps table

And if that was not enough, the news report was ended with an accusation that China has been hampering efforts to find a cure to coronavirus by stealing data on how to cure the virus. And not just China, but Iran too. One wonders if we’d waited long enough if they’d also have accused North Korea, ISIS, and perhaps Darth Vadar of also stealing the “secrets.”

Personally, I see it as a test; if China copies a few answers, maybe it will just pass the test quicker, and the loser will be the American Pharmaceutical industry.

Now there’s a Robin Hood story everyone can get behind….

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