Chinese Woman Sends 1 Ton of Onions to Ex-Boyfriend

A woman in Zibo city, located in Shandong province of China has played a fairly unique practical joke on her recent ex-lover.

After she had cried nonstop for three days following her breakup, the woman thought she’d return the tearful experience with her ex.

She ordered a ton of red onions and them delivered straight to her exes door.

She told the seller that if her was not home, it was fine for the sacks of onions to be left on his doorstep with a note reading “You made me cry for three days, now it’s your turn!”

It was reported that the deliveryman took five hours and over 40 separate trips to bring all the sacks of onions from his truck to the man’s door.

The deliveryman wasn’t able to confirm if the ex was crying from the order, but he was certainly left in tears from the ordeal.

The ex-boyfriend hasn’t commented on what he plans to do with the one ton of onions, however Chinese netizens joked that he would be “crying all the way to the bank” from selling the “gift.”

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