Why are Digital Nomads such Assholes?

digital nomad

What is a digital nomad? Technically a digital nomad is a person that works online and travels. The difference though, between “someone who works online and travels” and a “digital nomad” is the degree of pretentiousness and hipster-like they tend to be.

Basically the less of a twat you are, the less of a digital nomad you are.

What are the core tenets of a digital nomad?

You will first notice a digital nomad when the conversation veers as it always does to “what do you do”. Instead of saying “I teach online”, or “I write really boring website content”, they will reply thus “I’m a digital nomad”. At further pressing someone who teaches online might describe their job as “Independent language analysis in an online B 2 C environment”. A posh way of saying “I am an English teacher”. Similarly the writer of shit site content might describe “online digital solutions for modern start-ups”.

Digital nomads’ “common working space” obsession

Another easy way to spot the Digital Gonad is he, or she likes to be around their own kind, usually in “co-working spaces”. Seemingly having not realized that the internet is literally everywhere, they have to be around their own kind in order to enter as many pissing contests as possible. It also offers a great opportunity to have loud conversations about how much money you are earning. Digital nomads love telling you how much money they have. They are unlikely to buy you a beer though.

At its worst they even rent houses communally and live together. This sounds very much like my own personal vision of hell.

They like to ask really dumb questions online, instead of using Google

There are a lot of Facebook groups dedicated to Digital Nomads, with the main objective seeming to be having the ability to tell other Gonads that you are a Gonad.

I recently saw this post.

“I am a digital nomad and was thinking of moving to Spain. Is Spain expensive”.

I replied “use Google Twat”. My Facebook account has now been partially blocked. In this case do not use your words.

What do you have against people working online????

I have ZERO against people working online, I am one of the few people lucky enough to be able to work online. I acknowledge how lucky I am rather than ram it down other peoples throats. Digital Nomads, no one cares about you.

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