Facebook Just Blocked Two of Our Posts

We hope you all enjoy what we are doing on Weird World Wire. We do not adhere to any particular side of the political spectrum, other than being a bit anti-establishment. Our primary MO is, in fact, just to be sarcastic and to entertain. I’d love to pretend we are far deeper, but in fact, we’re just a bunch of cynical assholes.

As a daily ritual, we tend to see what fucktardery is going on in the world, add our articles then do the social media circuit.

On June 10th, we were somewhat surprised to see that two of our posts had been banned by Facebook because they did not meet the “community standards.”

Now you’d think from this we had posted something racist, fake news, or I don’t know controversial at least?

I’ll hit you with what was taken down and let you guys be the judges.

Exhibit A

This photo/infographic shows that Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky, Freud and Franz Joseph were all in Vienna at the same time. This is a fairly well-known fact and something we are far from the first to post.

As to why it got flagged, we are at a bit of a loss as there are plenty of Hitler lovers (which we are not) on Facebook, so we can only guess the reasons. Was it a Stalin/Trotsky thing? Are the Facebook police secretly Trots, or worse still tankies? Or are they secretly in love with their mothers and therefore have a hard-on for anything Freud related?

Exhibit B Gets Even Weirder…

We ran an article titled Shoko Asahara – Anime Jesus & Sarin Gas about the bat-shit crazy Japanese cult and its leader. Now guess what? The article was not exactly in favor about killing lots of people in a subway.

Now literally, the only thing I can think that might have offended the Facebook Gestapo was where we did compare him to a fat Jesus.

Now whilst I can understand why some religious nuts might not be keen on having their personal lord and savior compared to an overweight Japanese cult figure, it certainly not in any way trying to incite violence, nor being racist in any way shape or form.

Facebook is the biggest and strongest media outlet in the world, and right now, they are the judge, jury and executioner on what can say, read, or write on the internet. Be afraid, be very afraid…..

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