Do Gloryholes Stop Coronavrius

Since our popular article on prostitution and casual sex after coronavirus, I know many of you were naturally disheartened. Thus I’ve been searching for ways to work around the draconian measures enforced by the Swiss. The not so welcome answer hit me in the eye straight from the New York Health Board: Gloryholes…

In a safe sex guide issued by the health department of New York they encouraged the city’s residents to to take as many precautions as possible if engaging in any form of sex. They also encouraged kinkiness and for people to get creative with sexual positions and barriers like walls that allow sexual acts to take place without face to face contact, such as gloryholes.

Unfortunately, bad news for all you orgy mad swingers as the guidelines also warned against sex acts between more than two people. Kissing is to be kept to a minimum and it’s best if you wear a mask. Which is good news for all the ugly motherfuckers out there like the one writing this article.

But will a humble wall with a gloryhole prevent coronavirus? The answer is quite possibly! Heavy panting and breathing can encourage the spread of coronavirus to your sexual partner. So depending on how dramatic you are when you’re getting a blowjob, this can pose a risk to your partner. With a wall inbetween you, the risk is significantly impacted.

If you don’t know what a gloryhole is, you’re probably on the wrong site but welcome to stay anyway. Gloryholes have been around for years and can be defined as a hole in a wall often located between public lavatory stalls, adult video arcade booths, or people’s homes for people to engage in sexual activity anonymously.

In the years before the internet, gloryholes were the subject of urban legends and many believed they didn’t really exist. But they did. In 1970s sex shops across America like that featured in movies like Taxi Driver, there was a handy map that was sold every month that detailed the addresses of every known glory hole in America. The thought of someone walking into a public bathroom with said map in hand like a lost tourist really brightened my day, which I needed as I am sitting here writing an article about gloryholes.

Whilst gloryholes are largely considered to be feature of the gay community, a stigma dating back to the days when homosexuality was illegal and needed to be anonymous, gloryholes were decimated during the panic when AIDS came along. But despite this, gloryholes are now almost equally popular amongst many straight people.

There’s even an ebook called ‘How to Build Your Own Gloryhole!’ which has throbbing reviews like ‘’Very simple and easy to understand. The most difficult thing I’ll need to do, is borrow or rent a power drill.’’ and that’s enough internet for today folks, I’m out.

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