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Lets Buy An Island

Lets Buy An Island is a website where you give money to a bunch of strangers, and then own part of a tropical island. Sounds great!

Its kinda funny how long it took for the internet to get onto the whole crowdfunding and Kickstarter thing, but now raising money online is big business. I remember once seeing a douchebag, I knew begging for money for a flight to his sister’s wedding, and another twat wanting money for flip-flops. These ads were actually next to people trying to raise money for operations and shit.

Lats Buy and Island, or fund flip-flops?

Another favorite you often see is people trying to raise money for trips to North Korea so they can picture to show the “real North Korea.” I’m kinda getting off-topic here.

So, when it does come to crowdfunding the internet is a mixed bag of tricks, so where does fit into all this?

To read about what to drink in Belize click here.

Buying and island is bad ass

Well, I’ll go balls deep and give full disclosure, I know the people that founded it and many of its members. The concept was that everyone invested $3250 bucks, and when they had enough money, they’d buy an island. Well, get enough money they did and buy an island they did. Coffee Island of Belize is now the property of these funky fellows!

Lets Buy an Island and make a country

But buying an island is OK, but what you really need is a bat-shit crazy Micronation to go with it, so they formed the Principality of Islandia, made someone a prince, other cats brought lordships, and now they get to play country!

The country is, of course only new, and kinda not real but is still doing a better job than Boris Johnson at dealing with coronavirus. Not hard to be fair.

And yeah, the elephant in the room that is coronavirus! Wow hasn’t that been a giant turd on 2020, but in many ways a great time to own a secluded island…..

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