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    FC STROITEL PRIPYAT – Chernobyl’s Forgotten Football Team

    The time was 01:23 am on April 26th 1986. The first explosion was quickly followed by a second sending the 1,000 ton roof of reactor number four of the Chernobyl powerplant, the subsequent fireballs and deadly levels of radiation high into the night’s sky. The events of that fateful night had catastrophic consequences not only […] More

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    Rojava: Anarchism in Syria

    You may think it obvious that Syria has experienced quite a degree of anarchy over the last five years throughout the Syrian Civil War and various international powers engaging with different sides of the conflict and different parts of the country. But here we’re not talking about the lazy media usage of the word anarchy; […] More

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    Which Countries are Free of COVID-19?

    The very word pandemic means that its something that affects the whole world, which clearly it has, but through the midst of the darkness there are actually 12 countries that are free of COVID-19. Unsurprisingly 10 of these countries are in the Pacific, a region famously the Least Visited on earth and also notorious for […] More

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    LSD History and Impact on Culture

    I imagine most of you have heard of LSD, also known as acid or Lucy. You probably picture the hippy movements of the 60s or people tripped out of their minds, screaming at a melting world as they slip into insanity. It’s hard to deny that it’s a powerful cultural icon in its own right, […] More

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    10 Weird Flags (2020)

    Many a bayonet charge has been sent forward by a king on the battlefield fed lies by military corruption. When soldiers head off to sometimes certain death, it is usually stated that they are doing it to protect their flag. We have therefore decided to put together 10 Weird Flags, in fact flags so weird […] More

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