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    The Meaning of Hungover

    So picture it. You went out for a night on the town. You have a pint. And another. And another. And a whiskey. And another pint. On and on it goes until you’ve been thrown out, vomited in the alley and need to stumble back home without so much as a kebab to help you. […] More

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    Welcome Back Lenin: Statue Erected in Germany

    As you may know, the Cold War is over. What many people regard as the definitive symbol of this end is not the lowering of the Soviet flag, but rather the collapse of the Berlin Wall, what many view as the visual metaphor for the so-called ‘iron curtain’. On November 9th, 1989, the Berlin Wall […] More

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    Maoist Guerrillas Organize Public Meeting of Over 10,000 in India

    The idea of communist guerrillas may seem like an anachronism now. Isn’t that 60s and 70s stuff? Viet-Cong lurking in the jungle, or at a push, the FARC in Colombia who have since disarmed. (And are now being murdered at a frightening rate after the fact). But no, in some parts of the world, the […] More

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    Fidel Castro’s Ice Cream Parlor

    Cuba is a tropical country. When you think of it, you think of sun, sandy beaches, palm trees and plenty of scantily clad people. Oh, and communism. You also probably think about the fact that Cuba is one of the only remaining Marxist-Leninist states that happens to be right under America’s nose and which was […] More

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    Do US Marines Eat Crayons

    For anyone familiar with the US military and the internet, you’ll likely be aware of the phenomenon that surrounds the US Marine Corp. A phenomenon that involves one of the world’s most elite military regiments and the sticks of colored wax known as crayons. In today’s article, Weird World Wire is going to get to […] More

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    Billy Batman

    The British Cemetery Located in the centre of Kabul, is a small oasis in the middle of chaos. The graves of local ex-pats, foreign tourists, missionaries, and the like all sit in rows, while monuments to fallen foreign soldiers, from the Anglo-Afghan wars to the current NATO/ISAF mission in Afghanistan, line the perimeter of the […] More

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