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    What Is Nagorno-Karabakh and Why Are They Fighting Over It?

    Introduction As an all-out war seemingly looms between Azerbaijan, backed by Turkey and Armenia, backed by Russia over Nagorno-Karabakh, much the world is asking where Nagorno-Karabakh is? We are happy to answer that question! What is Nagorno-Karabakh? Nagorno-Karabakh is a breakaway state sandwiched between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It was formerly an autonomous part of the […] More

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    Will there be a full-blown war between Armenia and Azerbaijan?

    Whilst things during Soviet Union times were largely a great love fest since the fall of the good old CCCP, relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan have gone south somewhat. There’s a lot of reasons why they don’t get on so well, going all the way back to the Armenian Genocide and then there is the […] More

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    The Romanov Empire

    We here at WWW make no secret of our interest in the post-Soviet world. For the better part of a century, the legacy of the October Bolshevik revolution loomed large over vast swathes of the world, with its influence felt globally and even continuing to this very day. What’s less talked about is what came […] More

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    What happened to the Maoists in Nepal?

    The People’s War in Nepal Back in 1996 a group of Maoists in Nepal started a People’s War in the countryside targeting government and police outposts. Ten years later in 2006 they had grown to control large swathes of the country, 80% in some estimates, including nearly all of the countryside, leaving only the urban […] More

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    Studying Korean in North Koreas Least Visited Province

    Introduction While Young Pioneer Tours is known for our annual Pyongyang Language Study Tour that takes place annually every July, our other shorter and lesser-known Korean language study program was our “North Korean Rural Study Tour.” Back in July 2018, we ran our very first-ever North Korean “Rural Study Tour” to the very remote North […] More

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    How to export a bicycle from North Korea

    North Korea have been having a rough couple of years as of late mostly due to harsh ongoing sanctions that prevents a majority of items being exported or imported from the DPRK. So, getting your hands on items that are easy to for us back home can be near impossible in North Korea. However, there […] More

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    Visiting a Roma Gypsy Market in Bulgaria

    The Balkan country of Bulgaria has no shortage of weird and wonderful things to do. From Communist UFO in Buzludzah to Black Sea party cities like Sunny Beach. When I was told about the Roma Gypsy flea market that takes place in the small town of Surorovo just outside of Varna every Saturday, I was […] More

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    Turkmenistan: A country of World Records

    If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting Turkmenistan, or if you’ve looked it up to excite yourself about a future visit, you’ll have quickly realised that Turkmenistan, amongst many bizarre and unique attributes, likes to snag a world record. Mostly they like to be the biggest of something, usually without much competition, but here’s a […] More

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