Places Unlikely to Get Coronavirus – Pitcairn Islands

The Pitcairn Islands are one of the most remote sets of islands in the world, and therefore not all that likely to get coronavirus.

They also have less than 60 people living here and have ample space for new islanders, but before you pack your bags and set sail, it is worth looking a bit deeper into the history of the place.

History of the Pitcairn Islands

he Pitcairn Islands were originally inhabited by Polynesians, but in classic European parlance, we consider that they were discovered in 1603 by a Portuguese sailor that gave them funny-sounding names.

In 1767 The British spotted the island, and it was named after a 15-year-old boy that first sighted the island, Robert Pitcairn. Ironically this was but there mere start of underage influence on the island.

In 1790 the remaining crew of the Mutiny of the Bounty happened, and the nine crew and their 17 hostages (thankfully including some women) headed to set up home on Pitcairn.

The early history of the islands included incest, murder, and disease, all driven largely by alcoholism, as there really wasn’t all that much else to do on the island. Thankfully John Adams discovered a bible, and once again, Christianity saved the day.

Pitcairn was regularly visited by whaling ships over the years before eventually becoming an “official” colony of the United Kingdom in 1838.

By the 1850s, the island was becoming too small for the islanders, and the British gave them a bigger island, Norfolk Island, in which they may be able o procreate at will! All the residents left the island, but 18 months later, 17 of them returned to the island, with most all current descendants being from them.

Things went quiet on Pitcairn for almost 200 years as being a rather unimportant island without a football team no one really cared about them, but that was all to change.

Sexual abuse trials

In 2004 13 males from Pitcairn were charged with sexual abuse offences, with the general consensus on the island being that it “wasn’t a big deal,” and everyone “really likes sex.” The net result was that half the island got locked up, and they were forced to abide by laws and stuff.

Why You Probably Won’t Get Coronavirus Here

The only way to get here is by ship, and next to no tourists come here due to fear of being nonced.

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