No Hippies at Angkor Wat in Pictures

Generally speaking, most people would agree that the ongoing coronavirus has been “a bit shit,” what with the collapse of the economy, global pandemic, social distancing and stuff. But we have to take joy where we can, and Angkor Wat is not only empty but completely devoid of hippies.

Angkor Wat is the biggest religious monument in the world, covering 1.6 million square meters, and thus the most significant set of Buddhist Temples in the world. Now anyone who has travelled in South-East Asia will agree that temples get a bit shit after a while (technical term templed out), Angkor Watt is genuinely impressive. The only problem wall to wall tourists!

On an average year, 2.6 million people visit Angkor Wat. Do you know how many that is a day? It is a lot, a lot.

And that is the problem with tourism if something is quite nice, and in a nice place (Siem Reap), then it will inevitably be drowned out by blood-sucking tourists. On an average day in Angkor Wat, there will herds of Chinese, Korean, and Western groups all following flags, and being obnoxious while loudspeakers bellow everywhere.

Pictured Above: Angkor Wat during busier times.

Now, whilst all tourists (except me) are really annoying, the most annoying of all are the “spiritual Buddhists” usually wearing elephant pants, (white) men often with dreads, and a proclivity to talk about how Buddhism isn’t a religion (it is) to Buddhists.

Said piss stain on humanity will often be found sitting on lotus position meditating to their spiritual god. Fun fact I once saw this at Machu Picchu, one only has to assume they did know it was basically a massacre site.

Pictured Above: Said Elephant Pants

I’ve kind of gone off topic a bit, but basically due to coronavirus Angkor Wat is now empty. Its quite eery, but also a great time to visit.

Enjoy our sans-hippie-elephant pants wearing Banana Pancake trail photos of empty Angkor Wat.

Oh, and Angkor What bar on bar street is currently closed.


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