Racism Finally Cured by Blackout Tuesday

Recently a black American man called Mr. Floyd was allegedly murdered by police in America. We have to say “allegedly,” but in fact there was an actual video showing that he did murder him.

His death initially sparked outrage and protests, or riots depending on which side of the fence you sit. From what we can gather so far if you are rioting in Hong Kong, you are a protestor, but if you are protesting in America, you are rioting. We hope that explains the situation.

The protesters though,have also decided that it is an excellent time for shopping without paying, sometimes referred to as looting.

Amazon Go riot style!

President Trump has not only threatened to send his own troops on the protestors (whilst hiding in a bunker) but has also blamed them on ANTIFA. ANTIFA to those who don’t know is an umbrella term for people who stand up against Nazis, or as we called them during World War 2, The Allies.

ANTIFA, of course, aren’t the only ones being blamed, with the American left point the finger at the Russians, making us wonder why they didn’t just stay as the USSR, at least they had cool uniforms then.

Thankfully though, social media and the whole debacle was put into place when someone decided to put a black screen on Instagram with #blackouttuesday on it. Doing this not only helps people know that you are “right on,” but more importantly, gives you the right to lynch anyone that has not followed suit in a sheep-like fashion.

It is hoped that by placing a black screen and doing the hashtag BlackOutTuesday on the worlds most hipster social media platform that entrenched institutional racism dating back centuries can finally be purged from the American system.

Whilst many hope this will help with the problems including racism, others such as those who have taken part in the largely unsuccessful “share this post to stop cancer” on Facebook do remain skeptical.

Joe Biden has remained silent on the issue as not only does he not have Instagram, but still buys his camera film from Kodak.

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