True or False the Russian Sex Slave Story

In various corners of the internet, an image pops up from time to time of a partially blurred mugshot of a Russian woman and a brief story attached that she overpowered a burglar in her business and held him as a sex slave for days. A nightmare for some, a dream come true for others. But is the story of the Russian sex slave true or false?

Luckily, Weird World Wire has an array of contacts throughout Russia and were able to gain an on the ground insight as to the real story behind this viral sensation and, most importantly, to find out if it was true or not.

The story is alleged to have taken place in the Russian town of Meshchovsk, which is around 250 kilometres from Moscow. The town is rather unremarkable, and its only notable features are a pleasant monastery, a stand Soviet monument, and apparently, a ravenous female sex attacker.

On a Friday evening, a 32-year-old local man named Viktor Jasinski was preparing to rob a local hairdresser with the intention of stealing the profits of that week. Once inside the hairdressers, Viktor was surprised to find the business owner, 28-year-old Olga Zajac, standing behind him. He was even more surprised when Olga, who was passionate about her hobby of regular Karate training, proceeded to floor him and beat the living shit out of him.

Half unconscious from the beating, Olga then dragged Victor into a storage room at the back of the hairdressers, stripped him naked and bound him to a radiator with the electric cord of a hairdryer. Olga shook a box of viagra and bellowed the chilling Russian statement ‘Ya sobirayus’ prepodat’ tebe urok!’ or ‘I am going to teach you a lesson!’.

Rather than giving Victor a lecture on why he made the wrong choice by choosing a life of crime, Olga pumped him full of Viagra and proceeded to have repeated sex with him until he couldn’t take anymore. After three days of forced sex, Olga took mercy on Victor and released him after he promised he wouldn’t snitch and that he had wholeheartedly learnt his lesson. Victor lied.

With a penis that now likely resembled a Cashew Nut, Victor ran to the nearest Russian police station and told them his plight of trying to rob but, in turn, being raped. Victor was promptly arrested for attempted robbery before Olga was caught and arrested for kidnapping and sexual assault.
In her defence, Olga was apparently furious and shouted at cops: ‘He’s a bastard! Yes, we fucked a few times. But I bought him new jeans after I ripped his pants off, I fed him and I threw him 1,000 Rubles (about $15) before I kicked him out.

Is it true or false? We asked an array of Russians, and many told us they’d heard of the story but couldn’t verify it. Apparently, it appeared in a local newspaper in Meshchovsk and was picked up by foreign media, although they told us that ‘stuff like this happens in small-town Russia all the time’ and that nobody really cares. We found one alleged photo of Olga, but it cannot be verified.

We tried to verify the story on Russian search engines and social media with the term ‘Russian sex in hairdressers,’ and after sifting through ten pages of porn, we gave up. Thus, in dedication to our readers, we’ve dispatched one of our team to go into a hairdressers in Meshchovsk with a robber’s mask and see what happens, see you on the other side!

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