Rate My Poo

Who remembers rate my poo? The original scatological rating site?

It was in the Sudanese desert when a friend turned round and in his Louisiana drawl said “any y’all remember rate my poo”? Those of us of a certain age all replied that yes, indeed, we remembered rate my poo, and remembered it well.

The pre-internet age

Now I am old enough to remember a time before Al Gore invented the internet, these were tough times, ugly people struggled to have sex, and fat people had to go to things called “nightclubs” to stand any chance of getting ploughed.

Then everything changed, dial-up arrived, we would A/S/L on Yahoo Messenger, and whilst porn loaded at an alarmingly slow rate, we no longer had to buy jazz rags from the Quicky Mart in order to get off.

Rate my poo enters the fray

Over this period, a number of websites came and indeed left the world wide web, some were gone and quickly forgotten, whilst others still retain a place deep in our hearts, one of them was rate my poo.

What was rate my poo?

The general concept was you would go onto the website, and be hit with a picture of a turd someone had taken, you would then rate the poop out of 5 (or 10 I cannot remember), and the highest-scoring scat would be at the top.

Did you get a prize or money for submitting the best ass drops? No, you did not, this was done for pride and for honour. As we stand in the midst of coronavirus, I look back on these days with nostalgia.

Whatever happened to rate my poo?

No one exactly knows why it stopped, now www.ratemypoo.com simply has a picture of Donald Trump on it. Granted, he is a piece of shit, but the gag runs short, what the masses want is poop, and the ability to rate said shit.

There are a few copycat sites such as numbertwoguide.com, and the eagerly anticipate www.werateanypoo.com (we assume they will be rating ANY poo), but nothing yet holds a candle to the original.

And that is the rate my poo story!

Oh there was also a site called rate my boobs……but that is a whole other story!

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